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In Memory: Wilfried Knight Dies At 35

Wilfried KnightThe adult industry mourns the tragic passing of gay porn superstar Wilfried Knight on March 5, 2013 at age 35. Wilfried had recently lost his husband, his partner of almost nine years.

Falcon Studios/Raging Stallion Studios issued the following statement: “We grieve deeply at the passing of Wilfried Knight. We offer our most genuine thoughts of sympathy and warm wishes to Wilfried’s family, friends and loved ones. He was an extraordinary talent and a special man who brought joy to our hearts. Wilfried, we celebrate your life and your accomplishments, and hope that you rest in peace. You will be missed greatly.”

“Wilfried’s death is a blow to our studio and to our industry,” said Falcon/Raging Stallion President Chris Ward. “There was no nicer man. We have all lost someone very special. I can only say that personally I am devastated. Wilfried was a friend and I shall miss him. All of us at Falcon and Raging Stallion Studios hope he is at peace, and our thoughts are with his family and friends. I know that his good friend and director, Tony Dimarco, is also greatly saddened by this tragic loss.”

Born in Germany in 1978, Wilfried grew up in Champagne, France. Before getting into the business, Wilfried worked as a personal trainer and manager of a fitness company in London. He became a fan favorite as an exclusive for Lucas Entertainment, having debuted in the Michael Lucas Auditions series. Wilfried went on to perform lead roles with Lucas in Lost, Manhattan Heat, and the big-budget smash Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liaisons. Recognizing his uncommon talent and charisma, GayVN nominated Wilfried for Best Newcomer of 2005 and Out magazine named him the Hottest Porn Star of 2005. Other awards in his career include the 2010 GayVN Performer of the Year award and a 2011 Grabby for Best Versatile Performer.

Wilfried took a two-year hiatus from porn in 2006. He came back with a vengeance in September 2008, making a welcome homecoming in Brothers’ Reunion for Lucas Entertainment. When he became the first-ever joint Lucas/Raging Stallion exclusive, Wilfried reached the pinnacle of porn stardom. He contributed to the success of the biggest hits from Raging Stallion, including Cowboys 2, Giants, the Tales of the Arabian Nights series, and the Focus/Refocus series.

Those who worked with Wilfried describe him as a consummate performer and a joy to have on set, with a gracious and caring disposition. We at AEBN express our deepest condolences to all of his loved ones.

Fur Mountain Focus Michael Lucas' Auditions 28: A Knight With Wilfried

In Memory: Arpad Miklos Passes Away at 45

Arpad MiklosAEBN is deeply saddened to report that popular Hungarian-born gay porn star Arpad Miklos passed away this past Sunday, February 3, 2013.

Arpad was born on September 11, 1969 in Budapest, Hungary. He grew up to work for chemical and pharmaceutical companies for more than a decade prior to his adult industry career. Then, in 1995, famous gay porn star turned director Kristen Bjorn discovered the bearish Arpad and cast him in his movies. Appreciating this as his big European break, Arpad worked exclusively for Bjorn for seven years. He moved to the US in 2003.

Once he relocated to the US, Arpad’s career skyrocketed. His combination of good looks and raunchy yet sweet topping style won over many viewers. Right from the start he worked for major studios including Raging Stallion (Stoked 2), Lucas Entertainment (Fire Island Cruising 6), Catalina/C1R (Truckstop Daddy 2), and Hot House Entertainment (Skuff 2: Downright Filthy).

Hot House’s Arpad Miklos Collection collects this powerful star’s own favorite scenes that he shot for the studio as an exclusive.

As a performer Arpad received a lot of critical acclaim and was awarded Hottest Cum Shot at the 2004 Grabbys and Best Solo Performance at the 2005 GayVN Awards. Both awards were for his performances as a sexy cowboy in the COLT Studio Group blockbuster BuckleRoos. In 2007 Arpad won an International Escort Award from and was named Best Top Escort by HX Magazine. He also appeared in several gay adult publications such as Unzipped.

Outside of the porn world, Arpad also achieved some level of notoriety for appearing in the music video for the Perfume Genius song “Hood.”

Arpad leaves a legacy of stunning performances and a legion of friends, family, and fans who remember him fondly.

Here are some of the movies that made Arpad Miklos famous and beloved.

When Bears Attack Arpad Miklos Collection Circle Of Lust

In Memory of Keith Griffith

More Gloryhole Initiation Of Adam BurrWe fondly remember Keith Griffith (on Facebook), a friend of the AEBN family, who passed away on Tuesday at age 53.

Keith cemented his place in gay culture after launching a free website called in 1995. This website changed gay men’s sex lives and the gay porn industry forever. The site was a portal to help men find each other for hookups anywhere, from bath houses and parks to their own bedrooms. Users of the site and many gay men all over the world came to know Keith as the Cruisemaster. Even mainstream media called on Keith’s unique expertise after the gay sex scandal involving former Idaho Senator Larry Craig broke. Keith’s influenced countless gay hookup sites and smartphone apps that came after it.

Over time Keith’s website expanded to include a studio, the long-running, which became one of AEBN’s first gay affiliates. Video on demand viewers loved such titles as twink orgy title Double Dick the Twinks and piggy group fuck Double Dick the Studs (a collaboration between and AEBN). AEBN also supported the titles Cum Soakers 1 & 2, Double Dick The StudsGloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr, More Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr, and All About the Hole.

AEBN’s Chris Baker holds good memories of his first times working on set with a studio, which were alongside Keith for Double Dick the Twinks and Gloryhole Initiation of Adam Burr. “I had the pleasure to get to know personally,” says Baker. “We first met on the set for Double Dick the Twinks in NYC and I really had a great time with him. He taught me a lot about the inside workings of a porn shoot. I’m going to truly miss him. He was a dear friend and I am glad that I was able to get to know him in the little time that we knew each other.”

We extend our sincere condolences to Keith Griffith’s family, friends, and loved ones.

In Memory of Adam Faust

Adam FaustThere haven’t been many redheaded guys in the gay adult industry, and of that small number, we can’t think of any who have ever been as dedicated to the BDSM lifestyle as Adam Faust, who passed away of cardiac arrest on August 2, 2012.

Born in New York on February 6, 1974, Adam was always an East Coaster at heart. He was visiting New York when he died.

Before getting into porn at age 30, Adam managed a retail store on Eighth Avenue in New York City. After he started performing in 2004, Adam went from retail to life as one of the most popular fisting tops in the industry, all thanks to his work for various Internet sites.

Adam moved to Los Angeles for his quickly growing mainstream gay porn career and worked for several big name studios; one of the first to cast him was Hot House Entertainment. One of his first films for Hot House was Screw 2: Cut to the Chase, a safe sex muscle show that was released in September 2004.

Through the years Adam proved to be a natural fit for Hot House as well as other studios with a strong leaning toward intense hardcore action, including Dark Alley Media and, more recently, Slut Machine.

From an early scene as a bleached-blond bottom in All Worlds Video‘s safe sex flick Blond Leading the Blond, to topping in Dark Alley Media’s iconic 8 ½ (a play on Federico Fellini’s classic cinema masterpiece of the same name), to a flip-flop fuck in Manhole from Mustang, Adam always proved to be a versatile performer.

One of Adam’s biggest passions as a performer and in his personal sex life was fisting and he became synonymous with it. He can be seen putting Latin stud Armando Cortez through an intense rectal workout in Fisting Network (Hot House/Club Inferno). Adam was always good for some intense gut-punching action, too much of it to mention everything without just turning this into a list. Don’t miss two of our favorites, Fistpack 4: Nuts for Butts (Raging Stallion/Fisting Central) and Spread Eagle (Hot House/Club Inferno).

When not busy filming, Adam was known for spending a lot of his time on the road meeting fans at various clubs and events. He was also an award-winning escort. Adam promoted healthy and safe ways to fist through his informational free website, Fisting Academy. Outside of his adult industry life, he had an MBA and was a great cook.

As of this writing, Adam’s last film we know of is Slut Machine’s 3 Hours of 3 Ways, released last month.

Sadly, Adam passed away far too soon. He was only 38 years old and is missed dearly by his loved ones and fans all over the world.

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