Liam (Sean Cody)

Movie Review: Brogan Bangs

The newly released “Brogan Bangs” from Sean Cody stars the bearded, blond hunk known as Brogan in four smashing scenes. This muscular star is easily recognizable not just by his good looks, but also by the dick piercing that enhances the fucking every time.

When Brogan gets together with gorgeous dark-haired stud Presley, they can’t wait to strip each other naked and Presley is eager to taste Brogan’s dick. Presley spends a long time lavishing oral attention on Brogan until he just can’t wait another second to mount him. After sliding himself down easily onto Brogan’s raging erection, Presley soon finds himself getting slammed raw. Presley moans and begs for more, even as his cum is splashing out onto Brogan’s torso. When Brogan is ready to pop, he pulls out and coats Presley’s ass with it.

Brogan walks into a room and finds fresh-faced, dark-haired cutie Clark Reid on the couch, fingering his own ass through a hole in his briefs—a hole that Clark ripped himself before Brogan arrived. (more…)