Tom Wolfe

Muscle Ridge

Muscle RidgeCOLT Men explore all their primal desires deep in the wilderness in the sensual, sensational Muscle Ridge.

Their bearlike nature runs free under the thick treetops above them. Uncut and uninhibited, they indulge their lust and inspire yours.

Gorgeous Trenton Ducati and Adam Champ start the show with an insanely hot scene. Other pairings include Dolan Wolf and J.R. Bronson, Adam Champ and J.R. Bronson, Dolan Wolf and Trenton Ducati, Tate Ryder and Tom Wolfe, and Brayden Forrester and Liam Magnuson.

This is a phenomenal cast of men who will have you salivating.

Running Time:   125 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   COLT Studio Group
Director:   Kristofer Weston
Stars:   Trenton Ducati   Adam Champ   Dolan Wolf   Tate Ryder   Tom Wolfe   J.R. Bronson   Brayden Forrester   Liam Magnuson
Categories: New Release   Muscles   Bear   Outdoors   Anal   Uncut   Safe Sex

Featured Star: Tom Wolfe

Tom WolfeThis hot, hairy stud shares a name with a famous American writer, and we think it might be because he’s got The Right Stuff. Tom Wolfe (aka Tom Wolf, Tom W.) boasts a 7.5″ cut cock that he loves to plunge into tight male ass! His body-builder physique and close-cut dark blond hair give him an all-American studliness that viewers can’t resist.

Tom grew up in the rural Midwestern US on a family-owned farm, running cattle and horses. He describes himself as an “all-American farm boy turned porn star bringing some country roughness into the picture.” Mmm, sounds good, doesn’t it? Whenever we think of this country boy, which is often, we find ourselves dreaming up all sorts of sexy scenarios involving hot cowboy-on-cowboy action. We get off on thinking of a roll in the hay with him, although if you’ve ever sat in hay you know that’s more of a figure of speech because that stuff is pretty itchy. Sex with Tom would scratch that itch!

Unlike the stereotypical cowboy, however, this country dude doesn’t hide his kinky side! Tom was discovered while sauntering past a group of adult industry big-wigs at the Grabby Awards in 2009, wearing a Nasty Pig Jock under his strategically ripped jeans. This vision of earthy kink caught the attention of Massive Studio director John Bruno, who flew Tom out to his first shoot for the company a couple of weeks later. Thus Tom rocketed out of amateur porndom and into the big leagues, joining the Falcon/Raging Stallion stable as a Mustang/Massive exclusive.

Tom’s performance style reveals confidence and strength, yet an almost gentlemanly manner that tells you his down-home upbringing still serves him well. Watching Tom in action, it’s easy to believe that what you see is what you get. That package includes a perfectly sculpted and lightly furry torso, well-toned arms and legs, and stunning hazel eyes. Tom Wolfe is a man’s man in the best possible way and we hope to see much more of him!

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