Donny Wright

Donny WrightTake it from Donny Wright: don’t play with your hose in public, even if you’re at a fire station, even if you’re a hot porn star.

Donny, star of Naked Sword’s Golden Gate: Season 1, Jocks’ pair of Cabin Fever movies, and at least 18 other pornos, was arrested almost two weeks ago after he broke into a fire station in Louisville, Kentucky to jerk off on the equipment. He was busted when one of the firefighters heard the breaking glass, caught him in the act, and dragged him out of the building. An unnamed porn producer has confirmed that it was Donny who got busted, and even on his own Twitter feed Donny made mention of being in Kentucky that weekend, but he hasn’t talked about the incident. Not that we would blame him. He might be known for showing off his muscular body and rock-hard cock in movies like Raging Stallion’s Giants 2, but that doesn’t mean he’s all about discussing a legal matter.

We don’t know if this is some kind of fetish thing (perhaps inspired by his role in Jocks’ Smoldering Hot?) or if he might have been doing a bit of method acting for some kind of upcoming role, but either way the lesson is the same: keep that hose in your pants.

Donny won the TLA Gay Awards Performer of the Year trophy in April 2012 for his stunning performances in such movies as Falcon’s Retreat and Roughin’ It 2. He’s an Aries stud who’s versatile, but seems to prefer the power of topping.

Here are some ways you can see Donny in action that hopefully won’t get you into any trouble.

Hot Sex Big Rock Cove Smoldering Hot

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