Featured Amateur Studio: USAJock Studios

USAJock was created back in 1997 as just a website with a few hot jocks in their hot jock underwear jerking off and having fun. In 2001 Tyler Reed purchased the domain and content, then put in the hard work of making the brand his own.  He started fucking on camera with his fuck buddies and made it a bareback site right from the beginning.  What started as two to four videos a year for internet content only grew into store and online distribution by 2004 when it hit the store shelves with AVNS Distribution.


Although it is still primarily an amateur studio, it has been able to snag some big-name porn stars like Dominik Rider, Justin Jameson and even Titan star Tyler Saint.  USAJock is a one-man studio, owned and operated by the talented Tyler Reed.  He does everything from finding the performers to arranging them to being the cameraman to doing all the editing.  So when you watch USAJock content,you are truly watching the work of an amateur studio.


Now  releasing an average of 6-8 videos a year, USAJock has over 40 videos titles in its inventory. As Tyler takes his company into its 15th year of business, USAJock is one of the longest amateur studios still in existence.  You may stay current with all of Tyler’s studios and content by checking gout his blog at jock411.com.

Here are just a sample of the great films that you can find from USAJock in the AEBN theater:













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