Jul 18

Featured Movie: Bi Guys Dominated Vol. 2

Bi Guys Dominated Vol. 2

Bi Guys Dominated Vol. 2

Corbin Fisher, one of the world’s most renowned gay studios, has treated us to something a little special with Bi Guys Dominated Vol. 2. We all have a place on that sexuality bell curve and sometimes, it’s easy to find that those lines blur between gay and straight. This title is a perfect example of that MMF sexual encounter that goes a bit off the rails in a very good way.

Looking like your typical three way with two guys and one girl in the middle, these young studs are more than eager to get the action going and showing this girl a good time. But there is a sinister plan in place that the guys don’t know about. Ashley is planning on taking full advantage of this situation while their guard is down. One guy waste no time working Ashley up into a horny frenzy first fingering her pussy and then fucking her with is perfect all American cock. There’s no doubt that she is loving it and spends her time getting the other buddies dick hard and wet with a nice blowjob in the process. But before you know it, she is sitting on her friends cock that’s been working her up. This guy is so caught up in the her that he hardly notices when his buddy starts sucking his cock. Ashley continues to manipulate these guys and the guy fucking the Ashley is soon sucking dick and eating man hole before long, looking like an experience cock sucker. Well a hole is a hole and Ashley convinces the guy fucking her that he should try fucking his buddy to see how good it will feel. His friend spreads his legs so that his best friend can get balls deep inside and it’s obvious that these guys have found a good fit with each other. Ashley becomes an after though as one continues to fuck the other… talking these guys through it the entire way. The top is so into the bottoms ass that he cums and keeps fucking his buddy bareback until he fucks the load right out of his friend.

Ashley is at it again with the next two guys… manipulating them and talking the guys into some unusual acts for them. She talks one buddy into showing the other his hole. It’s obvious that the friend finds this hot and his dick pops to life. He lets his butt buddy suck his dick a while, because it’s not gay if only YOU are getting your dick sucked right? Ashley let’s these guys get a little more acquainted while she puts on a strap on and hands the top buddy some rope. Before we know it, this bottom is tied up and his ankles are lifted above his head for easy access to his virgin like hole. The top guy waste no time and can’t resist dipping his stick in that warm tight hole. They continue to dominate this bottom with Ashley eventually riding a dildo that is held in place by the bottoms mouth then making him suck her pussy off of it all while the top continues to ruin this bottoms ass. The bottom gets in a little time fucking his girlfriend’s pussy but it isn’t long before he is back on bottom and the straight top blows his huge load right in this bottoms mouth. This scene takes Bi to a new level.

Bi Guys Dominated Vol. 1

Bi Guys Dominated Vol. 1


Next up Ashley invites Connor and Sean over for some rope tying lessons. She ties the hands of both of these hung guys and starts to spank their round asses. She breaks out her trusty strap on while one of the guys starts sucking the others cock. After some horse play and more cock sucking by the guys, the blonde buddy starts fucking his friend up the ass at her direction. To make sure everyone is having a good time, she moves the blonde on his back and fucks the load right out of him into the other guys tied hands. The guy catching the blondes load uses it for lube and jacks himself off onto the blonde’s chest.

Finally we have Ashley at it once again with two more hot studs. She has one positioned on his stomach with a blind fold on and the other at attention by her side. They take turns slapping the blind folded guy’s chest and ass, groping his entire body. But he doesn’t realize that they guy is the one doing most of the groping. After some nipple play and tickle torment, the blind folded guy realizes that, indeed, there is a rooster in the room and that he has a craving for some of that cock. He roughly sucks the buddies cock while Ashley continues to tease him to keep his mind on task. Before long, she has these guys eating each others asses like they are starving making the one with the blind fold to want even more. After some rope work, the buddy slides his cock into the helpless bottoms hole while Ashley straddles his face to get her pussy eaten. This guy can’t get enough dick and is fucked in every position possible until Ashley jumps back in on the action and fucks him with her trusty strap on. Both Ashley and the friend take turns on the beautiful mans ass until he can’t hold back any longer and has a huge load worked out of his perfect cock. They continue to jack him off and fuck him while he begs for mercy and is long since spent. To drive it all home, the top buddy cums big on his raw hole and fucks his load in deep to ensure that this bottom is his territory.

This is one bi flick that is a do not miss. The beautiful men in Bi Guys Dominated Vol 2 will keep you hard and ready for more as they are manipulated, teased and fucked into submission. Once again, Corbin Fisher more than rises to the occasion and shows us why they are one of the most desired studio out there.