Featured Movie: Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddies

Icon Male

Icon Male

From the famed director Nica Noelle, Iconmale presents us with another sorted and twisted tail of seduction and sex between sexy daddies and their gorgeous young men. In this decadent world of sex, power and money, older is better and these hunks always get what they want. But who is playing who?

These guys have it all figured out. Right out of the gate, we have three heavy hitters in the gay porn word horsing around and getting worked up together. J.D. Phoenix is so horny with all the cash Adam Russo is stuffing down his underwear, his ass keeps getting higher in the air with each dollar. His buddy Wolf Hudson is there to cheer him on and slap his ass making him even hornier. Russo knows he has a good thing with these two and before we know it, all three are tangled in a ball of cock sucking, ass rimming action that only serves to heat things up more. At the encouragement of Russo, Hudson pins his buddy Phoenix down on his back and starts the anal plundering, fucking him deep and hard. Once he is loosen up, daddy Russo get’s his turn at that perfect ass as Phoenix get’s it from both ends. Russo is so turned on by Phoenix’s tight hole wrapped around his cock that he decides it’s time for him to bottom and Hudson is more than happy to step up to that challenge and gives it to Russo good while Phoenix gets his balls sucked. Hudson fucks Russo’s daddy load right out of him which is quickly followed by both Hudson and Phoenix spilling their seed on the handsome Russo.

Knowing that Hudson is on to something good, the youthful Ian Levine is curious about his side job. Hudson is more than happy to share his knowledge with Levine of fast and fun money opportunities. Levine has always been a favorite of mine with his innocent looks and fresh boy next door face and he is perfectly matched with Hudson. After making out passionately, Levine is completely swept up in Hudson’s seduction. Hudson takes his time enjoying Levine’s youthful body which causes Levine to crave Hudson’s hung cock. After some hot cock sucking, Levine needs Hudson inside of his tight little hole and he gets that in about every position possible. Both tender and intense, these two go at it like young men in heat and is it a beautiful sight to see. Hudson hammers the load right out of Levine only to pull out and shoot one of the biggest loads ever on the stomach of Levine. They embrace and talk about more opportunities with Hudson’s sugar daddies as they recover from their passionate encounter.

Hot and versatile daddy Dirk Caber is meeting up with his boy toy, sexy Ty Roderick, and between the two of them there is a lot of testosterone in the room. Caber needs some nurturing and Roderick is more than happy to help this daddy out. After making out and the clothes come off and Caber is on Roderick’s dick in no time sucking it like his life depends on it. Roderick is more than happy to meet him half way, thrusting his hard cock in that daddy’s mouth. Roderick flips over Caber and the look on Caber’s face as Roderick enters him is amazing. This daddy is over the moon. Roderick fucks him every way possible in this intense interaction that seems more real than fiction. Roderick fucks Caber’s worries away as both of them work themselves up to huge cum shots that prove that this was as good as it can get.

Finally, young Ian Levine is finding his groove and meets his alpha daddy as Nick Capra enters the room. This scene is affectionate and sweet as Capra touches the youthful Levine as he tells him what he wants to do with him. There is no doubt Levine is more than interested when his hard cock is revealed from under the covers. Capra waste no time sucking on Levine’s smooth cock and balls, working him into a frenzy. Levine is more than happy to return the favor and gets a good taste of daddy dick. As they continue to make each other hornier by the minute, Capra loosens and relaxes Levine’s tight hole with an expert rim job that only daddy’s can give. Flipping Levine over, daddy takes charge and Capra sinks his fat daddy dick balls deep into that tight hole and Levine is loving every inch. Capra pins the youth face down on his tummy and really lets him have it and both are more than hot for each other loads. After blowing his thick daddy load on Levine’s back, the young man turns over and takes matters in his own hands and jerks out his pent up load all over his flat stomach. In a beautiful embrace, the two drift off to sleep.

Sugar Daddies - Wolf Hudson, Adam Russo & J.D. Phoenix

Sugar Daddies – Wolf Hudson, Adam Russo & J.D. Phoenix

Sugar Daddies - Ty Roderick and Dirk Caber

Sugar Daddies – Ty Roderick and Dirk Caber