Featured Star: Adam Ramzi

Some men have faces that will simply stop you in your tracks as you’re scrolling down a page full of movie cover photos. With his strong, masculine features and light hazel eyes, Armenian-American stud Adam Ramzi is exactly that kind of man. His body is every bit as beautiful as his face, as you can see.

The head of Raging Stallion Studios brought Adam into the stable, so to speak, while Adam was studying LGBT psychology. Adam’s masculine beauty and sensuality were clearly a perfect match for the studio’s style. Recognizing an opportunity to help break the stigma around sex work, Adam was excited to take on the challenge. “Fuck Yeah!” and “Loaded: Muscle Fuck” give us a couple of intense, exciting flip-fuck scenes that show just how well Adam fits in with Raging Stallion.

Fetish films like “Welcome to the House, Mr. Ramzi” and “Disgrace the Diva: Adam Ramzi Humiliated and Edged” from Kink proved to be a perfect way for Adam to explore porn performance in the way his psychology studies inspired him to do.

Adam’s background in performing arts enables him to bring a special spice to every scene, whether he’s a hot priest topping tardy student Calvin Banks in “Jake Jaxson’s All Saints” from Cockyboys or commanding your attention in multiple astonishing scenes from the newly released “Provincetown” from Himeros TV (reviewed here). Adam plays a priest again in Naked Sword’s hilarious horror-comedy “Scared Stiff 2: the Amityville Whore,” seizing a chance to have a threeway with super-sexy couple Dante Colle and Calvin Banks when they ask him to exorcise their possessed home.

One of Adam’s most passionate pairings to date can be seen in “Hardcore Hookups 3” from Noir Male, with Dillon Diaz. The sparks that fly between this interracial duo in the beginning of the scene build to a roaring inferno by the time Dillon’s got his hands and mouth on Adam’s swollen cock.

Even though Pride month is over, we strongly encourage everyone to see coming-out stories from some of the industry’s biggest stars, including Adam, in “Pride Stories” from Falcon|NakedSword.

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