Movie Review: Provincetown

Himeros TV’s newly released “Provincetown” takes us to the legendary Massachusetts town of the same name, where love and lust are freely expressed. The nine vignettes, each of which was filmed on location in P-town, all fall under the 15-minute mark, but every second glows with passion and erotic power.

Newcomer Andy Soros is a virtual unknown, but based on his performances here, we’d love to see more. Andy first appears in scene one with the dreamy-eyed Tom Bentley, in which the two hot young men hook up by a swimming pool for some luscious oral action. Following that, Andy and Tom are ready to dive into a fun orgy on a staircase with stunning Adam Ramzi and beautiful Max Adonis. The four men have a fabulous time just exploring each other’s bodies and giving each other pleasure, while receiving plenty of it in return.

Andy Soros and Adam Ramzi can’t get enough of each other. In scene four, they enjoy a long, intimate fuck on an old sailboat docked at P-town’s MacMillan Pier. The natural flow of sex acts, the powerful chemistry between the two men, and the beautifully unusual setting make this the kind of scene that will stick in your mind for a long time. You might find yourself drifting off for a nap in the afterglow, just like Andy and Adam do in the lifeboat.

We’ve watched the sultry Angel Cruz and Scottish ginger J.P. Dubois together in previous Himeros scenes, and in scene five, their explosive energy is in full effect again in a gorgeous wrestling session that blossoms into hot oral and anal sex.

Everyone who’s watched the infamous peach scene in “Call Me by Your Name” will want to see how “Provincetown” takes the masturbation fantasy to its natural conclusion, as originally written in the novel. Tom Bentley slowly and beautifully fucks the peach, and Adam Ramzi luxuriously consumes the fruit after Tom fills it with his seed. Food play has never been sexier than this.

Max Adonis and Tom Bentley return in scene seven for an achingly erotic session of emotional and mental dominance and submission, a power exchange unlike most you’ll see depicted in porn. The images of the two men against the backlight from the open window are striking and memorable, and it makes us crave even more of this blowjob and rimjob action that’s usually reserved for the foreplay part of most scenes.

Handsome Thyle Knoxx and sexy newcomer Wes Myers are a pair of Canadian hunks who light up the screen with a slow burning but ultimately explosive liaison in scene eight. Even a first-time hookup between men who have just met can reach the blissful heights that tantric sex can achieve. Just like Andy Soros, Wes is a performer we’re eager to see in action again.

For the final scene, we look in on the gorgeous Adam Ramzi and Max Adonis taking their time to worship each other’s incredible bodies in a bedroom. The extended cock sucking, ball licking, docking, and ass eating bring them – and the viewer – to a gratifying conclusion.

Himeros TV brings us yet another exciting collection of distinctive erotic tales with “Provincetown.” The men and the scenery are stunning to look at, and the sex is inventive. You’ll see things you’ve never watched anyone do in a porn movie before.

This could be the next best thing to booking a vacation to P-town itself, and all you have to do is head over to our adult VOD theater.