Movie Review: Staxus’ “Kinky Housemates”

kinky housemates, staxus, gay, porn, twink, bdsm, fetish, izan loren, timmy treasure, angel lopez, mike cole, dylan scott, barebackFor this house full of twinks, there’s no better way to spend a birthday than kinky sex.

Kinky Housemates from Staxus is Timmy Treasure’s directorial debut and it’s clear that he has a fresh style right from the start. Before the action even starts, boy-next-door Izan Loren gives us an introduction in sign language.

Izan is the instigator at the center of this fun flick. First he talks his roommate, the lazy Mike Cole, into abandoning his TV viewing for some afternoon sex. As difficult as it might be to believe, Mike takes some convincing, but once they get going things turn kinky fast! Izan handcuffs Mike’s wrists to a black leather collar and pins him to the mattress so he can strip off his clothes. After Mike is rendered so vulnerable, he can only lie back and take it as his frenzied roommate deep-throats his cock and then whips his perky ass.

Finally Izan slows the pace and lowers the intensity for a bit, which must be a relief to Mike. Izan licks Mike’s pucker and thrusts his dick inside, fucking a thick load right out of the submissive twink. Now it’s Izan’s turn to cum, so he straps a gag on Mike’s face that holds his mouth open for face fucking. Izan bangs the hell out of that helpless mouth and then plasters Mike’s face with his jizz. So hot!

But Izan’s not done, because in the next scene he decides to celebrate his friend Angel Lopez’s birthday with some more breathtaking BDSM sex! Izan has a playroom and Angel is the special guest tonight. Bound and totally at Izan’s mercy, Angel is subjected to hot CBT and nipple clamps, and that’s just the beginning. Izan paddles, whips, and spanks Angel’s tender flesh and leaves his mark. Then he starts to play with Angel’s asshole until he’s ready to receive his dick. Izan fucks Angel raw, hard and wild against the column. After Izan finally decides it’s time to set his friend free from the restraints, he takes him downstairs and skull-fucks him until they both set their cum flying! It’s the icing on Angel’s birthday cake.

The BDSM bonanza continues in the next scene as the roommates celebrate Angel’s birthday with pizza and give him his present: a bag full of kinky devices that they try out later that night. A masked man in a hood with a hot, tattooed body (Timmy Treasure himself) enters the loft later on and sets out an assortment of anal toys. Angel and his bleach-blonde, sexy roommate Dylan Scott await, blindfolded and cuffed. Timmy bends his playthings over on the bed, side by side. After prepping their holes with his fingers, he fucks them one after the other, still side by side, and then he stacks them on top of each other so he can alternate holes more efficiently.

dylan scott, mike cole, electro play, fetish, bdsm, twink, porn, gay, kinky housemates, staxusAfter Timmy has fucked Angel and Dylan thoroughly with his cock, he brings out the anal toys again. They’re long dildos that are shaped like ribbed cones with bulbs at the top. As the two twinks lie next to each other with their legs up, Timmy penetrates their gaping holes and works them up to a nearly orgasmic frenzy. Finally, he jerks their loads out of them at the same time. Timmy spreads the jizz like lotion into Angel’s and Dylan’s skin and leaves them lying there, panting and still in their bondage.

There’s one last scene of roommates having fun, with Dylan coming home to find Mike reading a novel. Dylan’s shipment of sex toys has just come in and it’s time to try them out with Mike, who takes particular interest in an electro-stimulation wand. He slowly runs it along his arm and torso as Dylan watches. Dylan removes his shirt so that Mike can do the same to him. Then Mike sticks the wand down Dylan’s shorts, and the little electric shocks are obviously working for Dylan! The roommates start to kiss and then try out the other toys. Once they’re too turned on to wait a moment longer, Dylan lies on his stomach on top of some pillows and Mike fucks his ass raw. Dylan gets fucked in cowboy and pops on his abs with Mike’s help, then gets on his back and takes Mike’s dick in his mouth till he gets a face full of cum.

Kinky Housemates lets us see what some of the Staxus boys get up to at home when they’re ready for something more than vanilla fucking. Stream or download it exclusively on AEBN theaters!

Stars:   Timmy Treasure   Izan Loren   Angel Lopez (m)   Dylan Scott   Mike Cole
Studio Name:   Staxus

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Featured Movie: Slick Dogs

Titan Media

Titan Media

Slick Dogs

Slick Dogs

Titan Media is known for their fetish oriented content and their latest AEBN release, Slick Dogs, gives us what we always expect from Titan Media. This rubber focused, piss soaked flick is a treat for all the senses and will not disappoint. There is something in her for everyone including sneaker sex, double penetration, and a healthy dose of piss.

Starting from the start, Spencer Reed is paired up with J.R. Matthews for some dick sucking, rubber fucking good times. Matthews is obsessed with Reed’s super sized cock and sucks it like the starving slut he is. After a quick warm up, Matthews is bent over in a barred box with his ass exposed for the taking. Fortunately, this rubber cop uniform has a zipper in the ass of them! Reed takes full advantage and fucks the hell out of Matthews and he loves ever inch of it. When things look to hot to handle, Reed cools Matthews off with some piss only to get right back at it with the help of his trusty Fleshlight. Reed uses the Fleshlight as an ass toy inserting it in Matthew’s well fucked hole and then fucks this hardcore bottom with the Fleshlight and his cock at the same time! Matthews is just ruined and can hold out much longer and blows his second load followed by pissing all over himself. Make sure to catch the wet piss swapping kisses at the end.

Scene two we are treated too much more of the same. Two hot and horny men in rubber going at it like their lives depended on it. One of my favorite stars, Ethan Wolf, is more than happy to take on the challenge with Will Parker and they look amazing sucking, pissing and fucking each other in a 50/50 fuck fest. They equally take turns using each others cocks and holes to fulfill their needs. And obviously they are not afraid to get wet in the process.

Finally, we get to see one of the hottest, and most inventive, 3-ways that I’ve witnessed in quite a while. Billy Berlin offers himself up as a hard core fuck sleeve for the legendary Tony Buff and fellow pig Dean Flynn. Berlin is encased in a form fitting rubber fisting cube with only his head and his hole accessible. This doesn’t seem to be a problem at all as Buff takes the opportunity to open Berlin up with his fist to prepare him for the onslaught of sexual tricks, including double penetration, these guys perform. Berlin serves both tops in multiple fashions always leading up to a wet and orgasmic ending.

Slick Dogs - Spencer Reed and J.R. Matthews

Slick Dogs – Spencer Reed and J.R. Matthews

Slick Dogs - Ethan Wolf and Will Parker

Slick Dogs – Ethan Wolf and Will Parker

Featured Studio: Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment

Undress For Success

Undress For Success

Lucas Entertainment presents some of the most stylized, high quality productions in the industry. Not only are their scenes full of the hottest men having amazing sex, but they are beautiful to watch. Featuring the most muscled, sexy and fashionable guys in the adult industry, coupled with an amazing eye for creative presentation, Lucas Entertainment is a full sensory experience thanks to visionary Michael Lucas.

While all of Lucas Entertainment’s titles are of superior quality, there are various niche oriented series and story lines that will fulfill everyone’s fantasies in men and sex. If your taste is geared toward men undressing from classic suites and accessories like the Gentlemen Series,

Kings Of New York

Kings Of New York

where you are treated to sexualized nylon socks with guarders, suite sex, and a desire to fuck in board meetings, they have you covered. If stylized sex between fashionable men in trendy locations is more your taste, check out the Kings of New York series which is beautifully filmed and provides us with the most amazing men in NYC.


As beautiful as Lucas Entertainment’s content is, they do not shy away from a harder edge of porn. If you are looking for sexy fuckers that love piss and feet, you’ve got it. Name Your Fetish will cover your most adventuresome taste in porn. Ass lovers will rejoice in the asstastic adventures in Stretch My Hole. And if you are a fan of piss, make sure to check out the very erotic title The Wetter The Better.


As the gay porn industry has changed with the times, so has Lucas Entertainment. Always fetish focused, this studio has gone bareback over the last several months and, personally, I am glad they did. We now get to enjoy the raw, natural fucking that these studs bring to the table. From the romantic vision of Raw Love, based around boyfriends sharing their most intimate moments together, to a more extreme yet equally as beautiful Raw Double Penetrations, you get to see these guys at their very best.



Raw Love

Raw Love

Stretch My Hole

Stretch My Hole

The Wetter The Better

The Wetter The Better

Raw Double Penetrations

Raw Double Penetrations

Movie Review: Caged

TitanMen Caged - Titan Media - gay porn, gay fetish porn, fisting, pissing fetish, gay muscles, extreme penetrationTitan Media serves the perfect combination of six gorgeous men and filthy fetish-flavored fucking in Caged, and it’s even hotter than you could imagine.

Titan Media exclusive David Anthony is working overtime in the first two scenes. His awe-inspiring muscle definition is a thing of staggering beauty, and so is his sexual performance. David starts the show in an outrageous oral spectacle with fellow TitanMen Tibor Wolfe and Aymeric DeVille, and gorgeous Gio Forte. Aymeric is locked up and drenched with piss before David face-fucks him through the bars of his cage. It’s not long before all four men are locked in a group suck party and drenching each other in their golden juices. You’d be hard pressed to find a nastier—and hotter—blowbang than this one. David deserves extra special notice for spitting on his own throbbing meat while he throat-fucks Aymeric balls deep. After an utterly draining oral event like this, the only way to ice the cake is with a sticky white climax and that’s just what they do.

David hasn’t had enough of Tibor, even after all that. He leads his hot fuck buddy away for some privacy, where we discover that the oral was only foreplay for these two meat-greedy studs. Ass eating and other anal play lead to more extreme pursuits, and somehow Tibor maintains a ramrod erection throughout a barrage of fucking, and fisting.

In a brick dungeon, slender and furry Mark Bartos gives total control to sculpted and smooth top Billy Berlin. Mark isn’t just a captive, but also captivated on a deep erotic level as Billy owns him completely. The two men take turns sucking each other’s pulsing pricks, and Billy bathes Mark’s face and body in his urine. When Billy fucks Mark’s ass, the pig bottom’s mouth and eyes widen more with every thrust. For the grand finale, Billy fist-fucks Mark so deeply that he looks like a hand puppet. Mark’s wrecked anus is bright red and gaping wide by the end of this aggro session!

Steel bars have got nothing on the hardness of these horny fuckers’ cocks. It’s a prison that none of them want to escape, and any hungry dick pig would beg to be let inside with them.

Stars:   David Anthony   Aymeric Deville   Tibor Wolfe   Mark Bartos   Billy Berlin   Gio Forte
Studio Name:   Titan Media

Featured Studio: KinkMen




KinkMen raises the bar and brings you the most delicious debauchery with hot men playing Master and slave, BDSM, fetish, and hardcore sucking and fucking. Whether in a dungeon or in public… it’s so right yet oh so wrong. KinkMen presents several unique studio lines that are guaranteed to fit your need of sadistic games or masochistic torment and will have you edging right along with that tied up muscle stud going through the best and worst moments of his sexual life.



Bound Gods - Garmer Christian Wilde And The Sleazy City Slicker

Bound Gods – Garmer Christian Wilde And The Sleazy City Slicker

Bound Gods presents the finest muscle bound men in various states of distress. Watch how amazingly hot Christian Wilde restraints, blind folds and fucks hunk Bryan Cole for trespassing in Bound Gods: Farmer Christian Wilde and The Sleazy City Slicker. Both cum like champs but only one has the control over the others pleasure.


The Men On Edge series presents us with the most exceptional men, venerable and exposed, for all of use to enjoy. In Men On Edge: Special Four Hand Massage, Adam Herst goes to a massage parlor for a massage to work over his sore muscles. Unfortunately he makes the mistake of dozing off during his massage and wakes to find himself in a compromised position. Not only does his get that muscle rub down he was looking for, he also has his special love muscles rubbed down including his perfect cock and some dildo play that will leave you asking for the address to this parlor.


Kinkmen gives us 30 Minutes Of Torment and there is no finer specimen that blonde Liam Harkmoore. In 30 Minutes of Torment: Cock and Hole Torment, he offers himself up as a sex toy and is tied up, shaved and teased. Before it’s all done, he is hung by ropes, showing off his perfect blonde pucker which is not spared and fucked hard. But always the grateful servant, Harkmoore finishes off his Dom and gets an amazing facial while having his prostrate milked and blowing his own load on his fine ass.


If you’ve ever wanted to fulfill your voyeuristic nature, Bound In Public will surely make that a dream come true. Placing the most butch men in a room full of horny tops, and left with no safe word or way out, see these guys get put through their paces in these public orgy filled romps that leave nothing (or location) to the imagination.

Finally KinkMen treats us Naked Combat, one of their most popular brands. There is a lot to be said for watching the world’s most sexy and built guys wrestling for position… and there is always a looser (or winner depending on how you see it) getting it hard and rough in the ass. In Naked Kombat: Connor The Pulverizer Patricks VS Chase The Champ… Chase is a worthy adversary but finds that he can’t keep Connor Patricks down and pays the ultimate price of getting pinned and fucked right there on the mat.

Men On Edge - Special Four Hand Massage

Men On Edge – Special Four Hand Massage

30 Minutes Of Torment - Cock And Hole Torment

30 Minutes Of Torment – Cock And Hole Torment

Bound In Public - The Feisty Slut Go-Go Dancer

Bound In Public – The Feisty Slut Go-Go Dancer

Naked Kombat - Connor VS Chase The Champ

Naked Kombat – Connor VS Chase The Champ

Wet Breeders

Wet BreedersYou get everything you need out of a pissing fetish movie from Dick Wadd’s hot new release, Wet Breeders.

Seven guys drink up, making sure there’s plenty of fuel in the tank (so to speak) when it’s time to take a piss. For these studs, there’s no better way to piss than by sharing it with each other. It gets them horny, the kinky buggers!

Once they’re all hard and ready to go, the seven spunk-cannons are put to excellent use in a raw fucking free-for-all. It’s an all-day orgy of extremely wet, sloppy proportions. If you like filthy fetish action, this is your jam.

These skinheads and other assorted pigs must be superheroes, judging by their stamina. They leave the place slick with sweat, golden juice, and man-milk, and thoroughly satisfied.

That’s what you’ll be, too… well, at least the satisfied part. If you’re a messy wanker, then be sure to have a towel ready.

Running Time:   134 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Dick Wadd
Director:   Dick Wadd
Stars:   Matt Sizemore   Mason Garet   Chad Brock   Hogan Wade   Parker   Jason Cox   Kamrun Assher
Categories: Fetish   GangBang   New Release   Pissing   Bareback   Anal   Pigs   Skinhead

Twink Scouts XXX: A Porn Parody

Twink Scouts XXX A Porn ParodyHere’s a movie that has a lot of fun playing around with the idea of gay scouts. For those who want to drool over barely-18 twink hotties, Twink Scouts XXX A Porn Parody is going to cause quite a stir in the pants.

Speaking of pants, these boys fill out their scout uniforms really nicely but they don’t stay in them for very long. Watch them strip out of their khaki clothes, affording you an arousing view of their firm, naked bodies. They feel so free, being buck naked in the woods. Without their scout leader anywhere nearby, they take advantage of the chance to explore each other, skin on skin the natural way. In other words, this is all raw fucking action.

Some of the twinks fuck in a car, others in a tent, some in a cabin, and the rest of them out in the great outdoors. Don’t miss the last scene, which is a hot threeway with a slight twist of kink.

How fantastic it would be to go hiking and stumble across such an encampment… better bring your binoculars next time you feel like going for a walk in the forest.

Andy Kay directs and co-stars in this eye candy buffet from Boy Crush/Baretwinks.com.

Running Time:   90 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Boy Crush  Baretwinks.com
Director:   Andy Kay
Stars:   Billy London   Andy Kay   Ryker Madison   Tanner Sharp
Categories: Fetish   New Release   Uniform   Twink   Bareback   Outdoors   Anal   Parody   High Definition