Movie Review: Elder Quin, Chapters 1-4

This week sees the release of “Elder Quinn: Chapters 1-4,” the latest in the ongoing church boy saga from Missionary Boyz. Our titular hero Elder Quin (smolderingly handsome Rob Quin) is a devout twink whose worthiness is put to the test over and over again.

President Parker (bearded Daddy Parker Brookes) has brought Elder Quin to his office for a review. The older man has good reason to believe that the boy harbors feelings of gay lust, but Elder Quin tries to deny it. Determined to get the truth out, President Parker puts Elder Quin to a test. The boy simply can’t avoid growing stiff in front of this holy authority figure as President Parker sucks his cock. Elder Quin bends over for a rimjob and a thorough anal exam from President Parker’s dick. Depending on your point of view, the boy either passes or fails this exam.

Later, looking to determine if Elder Quin is ready to take on more “sacred tasks” in the church, President Parker brings the boy in for another session. Now, Elder Quin must prove that he can top just as well as he bottomed. (more…)

Movie Review: Elder Dakota Chapters 1-4

New this week from Missionary Boyz, “Elder Dakota: Chapters 1-4” stars three cute, sexy, exciting young performers who have become some of our favorites.

Elder Dakota (sweet and innocent-looking Dakota Lovell) enjoys the pleasures of the flesh with gorgeous Elder Devin (Devin Franco) as part of an anointing ceremony. First, Elder Dakota commands Elder Devin to strip naked and mount the altar on his hands and knees. Both young men feel themselves stiffen as Elder Dakota examines and explores Elder Devin from head to toe, paying special attention to his hard cock and irresistible hole. You can see the young men are having a sacred experience as Dakota buries his tongue between Devin’s meaty ass cheeks, as Devin orally services Dakota’s dick, and finally as Dakota pushes himself into Devin’s fully prepared hole. Cumming together in this way is a spiritual awakening.

As he makes his way through the experience of being a missionary, Elder Dakota sometimes needs guidance from the other boys. (more…)

Movie Review: FunSize Boy Checkup: Eli and Dr. Wolf

“FunSize Boy Checkup: Eli and Dr. Wolf” is a new AEBN-exclusive release from Fun-Size Boys/Carnal Media. It’s a must-see release for twink lovers, Daddy/boy fans, those with a medical kink, and microphilia fetishists alike.

At just 5’4”, Eli Lincoln is a cute teen twink who’s athletic and fit, but short for his age. He wants to get a medical exam and find out how to grow, so he goes for a checkup with Dr. Wolf, who will be sure to examine him quite thoroughly.

In the exam room, Eli feels his excitement start to grow as the good doctor methodically touches his body, taking his time feeling the cock and balls. Dr. Wolf is a giant next to Eli, and the boy finds himself growing in a specific part of his anatomy because such a big man is giving him such special attention.

For his part, the tall and handsome Dr. Wolf feels something stirring inside at the look and feel of this twink’s body. (more…)

Movie Review: A Man in Uniform 2

This week’s featured movie, “A Man in Uniform 2” (Icon Male), presents us with different kinds of uniforms, from police to medical to military to restaurant worker. There’s something for many tastes in men and clothes in these four scenes.

When Officer A.J. Sloan goes to his partner Cliff Jensen to blow off steam after a case fell through, Cliff offers more than a sympathetic ear. A.J. starts to unbutton his shirt, saying he feels “trapped,” when Cliff leans in and surprises him with a kiss. Just as quickly, Cliff recoils and apologizes for stepping over the line. A.J. assures him that he liked it, that it made him feel wanted, and the two cops kiss in earnest. Cliff helps A.J. relax into the encounter with a blowjob. After a few long, luscious moments of oral, it’s A.J.’s turn to suck Cliff’s big dick. Lying back on the couch, Cliff holds A.J. by the hips, then by the shoulders, then the waist, really making a connection between the two of them as A.J. rides him in cowgirl position. Even when A.J. turns around for reverse cowgirl, they maintain that bond as A.J. continues to turn and make eye contact with Cliff. (more…)

Movie Review: Provincetown

Himeros TV’s newly released “Provincetown” takes us to the legendary Massachusetts town of the same name, where love and lust are freely expressed. The nine vignettes, each of which was filmed on location in P-town, all fall under the 15-minute mark, but every second glows with passion and erotic power.

Newcomer Andy Soros is a virtual unknown, but based on his performances here, we’d love to see more. Andy first appears in scene one with the dreamy-eyed Tom Bentley, in which the two hot young men hook up by a swimming pool for some luscious oral action. Following that, Andy and Tom are ready to dive into a fun orgy on a staircase with stunning Adam Ramzi and beautiful Max Adonis. The four men have a fabulous time just exploring each other’s bodies and giving each other pleasure, while receiving plenty of it in return.

Andy Soros and Adam Ramzi can’t get enough of each other. In scene four, they enjoy a long, intimate fuck on an old sailboat docked at P-town’s MacMillan Pier. (more…)

Movie Review: Dirty Intern

Whether you have a doctor/medical fetish or you’re just looking for gorgeous, muscular men fucking bareback, “Dirty Intern” from Hot House Entertainment will be an excellent way to treat your swollen cock. Directors Jasun Mark and Trenton Ducati have chosen a seriously sexy cast of men who

Cade Maddox isn’t a real doctor. He just plays one when he’s trying to fuck Eric Rey. Eric, a sexy newcomer in the industry, has an appointment for a checkup that gets far more intimate than he expected, but you don’t see him complaining as Dr. Cade’s strong hands and even stronger cock explore his ass.

Michael Boston is an intern who feels an irresistible attraction to a gorgeous patient, Arad Winwin. Who wouldn’t flood their basement when such a handsome Persian stud is making it clear he wants to fuck? Arad might have his arm in a brace, but that doesn’t limit his mobility at all when it’s time to plow into his physician’s incredible bubble butt. (more…)

Movie Review: Dirty Desert Doctors

In five scenes that blaze with all the heat of their sunbaked setting, “Dirty Desert Doctors” from Hot House Entertainment satisfies that “thing” you have for medical kink as well as your lust for muscles. Director Trenton Ducati and a star-studded cast of nine make this new release a must see.

Austin Avery has been a bit too enthusiastic with his glass dildo, and he can’t go to an emergency room. Luckily, the good Dr. Max Konnor makes house calls. Max knows just what to do when he finds the sex toy stuck in his patient’s ass. The thing is, Austin is still horny even after all that, and Max is never going to turn down an opportunity to give a patient his best bedside manner. After making the extraction smoothly and carefully, Max gives Austin the TLC his hole needs with his thick ten inches.

All Devin Franco thought he was getting at the vaccination site was his first dose of vaccine, but Dr. Lucca Mazzi takes one look at the gorgeous young man in front of him and wants to give him something extra. (more…)