Movie Review: Elder Dakota Chapters 1-4

New this week from Missionary Boyz, “Elder Dakota: Chapters 1-4” stars three cute, sexy, exciting young performers who have become some of our favorites.

Elder Dakota (sweet and innocent-looking Dakota Lovell) enjoys the pleasures of the flesh with gorgeous Elder Devin (Devin Franco) as part of an anointing ceremony. First, Elder Dakota commands Elder Devin to strip naked and mount the altar on his hands and knees. Both young men feel themselves stiffen as Elder Dakota examines and explores Elder Devin from head to toe, paying special attention to his hard cock and irresistible hole. You can see the young men are having a sacred experience as Dakota buries his tongue between Devin’s meaty ass cheeks, as Devin orally services Dakota’s dick, and finally as Dakota pushes himself into Devin’s fully prepared hole. Cumming together in this way is a spiritual awakening.

As he makes his way through the experience of being a missionary, Elder Dakota sometimes needs guidance from the other boys. Elder Devin is happy to remind troublemakers like Elder Dakota of the rules about speaking out of turn and being too loud in the temple. He’s got something to keep Dakota’s mouth busy for as long as it takes to learn the lesson. But during this lesson, it’s okay for Dakota to loudly express his joy in learning from his fellow missionary.

Dakota learns his lesson from Devin so well that he earns the privilege of teaching less experienced missionaries. He and Elder Devin find out that another young missionary, Alex Tanner, has been spilling all of the Order’s secrets to his parents, who are understandably shocked about what goes on behind the closed doors of the church. It’s up to the more experienced missionaries to discipline the young tattletale. After Dakota and Devin team up to remind Alex of the rules and demonstrate the consequences of running his mouth, it’s safe to say the boy’s lips are going to be sealed unless there’s a cock to suck.

Now that Alex has formed a new understanding of the way things work around here, the Order selects him as one of its new members along with Elder Devin. The President of the Order sends Elder Dakota to tell them the good news and to offer his gorgeous young body as a welcome present.

With two hot one-on-ones and a pair of screen-melting threesomes included, “Elder Dakota: Chapters 1-4” is an exciting new installment of the Missionary Boyz saga.