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Movie Review: Elder Quin, Chapters 1-4

This week sees the release of “Elder Quinn: Chapters 1-4,” the latest in the ongoing church boy saga from Missionary Boyz. Our titular hero Elder Quin (smolderingly handsome Rob Quin) is a devout twink whose worthiness is put to the test over and over again.

President Parker (bearded Daddy Parker Brookes) has brought Elder Quin to his office for a review. The older man has good reason to believe that the boy harbors feelings of gay lust, but Elder Quin tries to deny it. Determined to get the truth out, President Parker puts Elder Quin to a test. The boy simply can’t avoid growing stiff in front of this holy authority figure as President Parker sucks his cock. Elder Quin bends over for a rimjob and a thorough anal exam from President Parker’s dick. Depending on your point of view, the boy either passes or fails this exam.

Later, looking to determine if Elder Quin is ready to take on more “sacred tasks” in the church, President Parker brings the boy in for another session. Now, Elder Quin must prove that he can top just as well as he bottomed. (more…)

Movie Review: Elder Waters Chapters 1-4

This week, Missionary Boyz brings us “Elder Waters Chapters 1-4,” a tale of a young man’s entrance and acceptance into his church’s inner sanctum.

Elder Waters (blond twink Jack Waters) doesn’t understand how he can be so horny for other men and still remain in the church’s good graces. This goes against everything he has been led to believe about the need for sexual purity, for maintaining his status as a virgin. When he asks Bishop Savage (retired fireman turned silver daddy porn star Dale Savage) for some guidance, the older man is pleased to see that he has a chance to show this promising young man what he can expect when he’s anointed—if he can pass the test. Bishop Savage examines Elder Waters’ firm cock through his sacred garments, then the two men strip. The bishop bends over and Elder Waters fucks a man’s ass for the first time!

Elder Waters has all the potential to become one of the brotherhood’s finest new members, but he still has things to learn, and Bishop Savage is greedy for more of that fresh meat. (more…)

Movie Review: Elder Dakota Chapters 1-4

New this week from Missionary Boyz, “Elder Dakota: Chapters 1-4” stars three cute, sexy, exciting young performers who have become some of our favorites.

Elder Dakota (sweet and innocent-looking Dakota Lovell) enjoys the pleasures of the flesh with gorgeous Elder Devin (Devin Franco) as part of an anointing ceremony. First, Elder Dakota commands Elder Devin to strip naked and mount the altar on his hands and knees. Both young men feel themselves stiffen as Elder Dakota examines and explores Elder Devin from head to toe, paying special attention to his hard cock and irresistible hole. You can see the young men are having a sacred experience as Dakota buries his tongue between Devin’s meaty ass cheeks, as Devin orally services Dakota’s dick, and finally as Dakota pushes himself into Devin’s fully prepared hole. Cumming together in this way is a spiritual awakening.

As he makes his way through the experience of being a missionary, Elder Dakota sometimes needs guidance from the other boys. (more…)

Movie Review – Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4

Watch Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4 on AEBNMixing sex, BDSM, and religion is a big hit in porn, and Missionary Boyz is one of the studios that does it with style and substance. This week they bring us another story of exquisite religious-sexual discovery in “Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4,” a new AEBN exclusive.

Elder Knoxx (played by Thyle Knoxx) has been misbehaving, and President Skye (ever-popular Latin daddy Manuel Skye) loves it when the twinks under his supervision misbehave. Meting out discipline is his favorite part of the job. Elder Knoxx kneels on a table in a black room, wearing his white undergarment, awaiting whatever punishment President Skye wishes to give him. President Skye enters the room, gives the boy a stern verbal admonition, blindfolds him, and proceeds to direct Elder Knoxx through a session of cock sucking, passionate kissing, anal play, and bareback fucking. The heavy sex musk can almost be smelled through the screen as the young missionary experiences what may well be the hottest, most intense sexual experience of his young life. Wouldn’t we all love such a powerful, sexy Daddy to guide us through a kinky fuck like this? (more…)

Movie Review: Elder Addison, Chapters 1-5

Elder Addison: Chapters 1-5, missionary boyz, president ballard, president lee, twink, bareback, religion, gay, pornGet ready for another exquisite tale of a young missionary exploring his secret desires in a place he never expected. “Elder Addison: Chapters 1-5” from Missionary Boyz is the story of young Elder Addison (aka Kory Houston), a twink who undergoes a series of encounters that test his devotion as well as his sexuality.

Elder Addison has an interview with President Ballard (Max Sargent). After Elder Addison has stripped naked under President Ballard’s hungry gaze, the older man fondles the boy’s aching balls and sucks his cock, which has grown shamefully erect. President Ballard sucks Elder Addison’s pre-cum, tests the texture and firmness of the erection with his mouth, and finally milks a huge load out of him.

The next step in Elder Addison’s initiation is to meet with President Lee (Myles Landon), a muscular stud who’s older than himself, but younger than President Ballard. (more…)