Movie Review – Elder Duval: Chapters 1-4

 Missionary Boyz delivers four hot scenes of earthly temptation and submission in “Elder Duval: Chapters 1-4,” an AEBN exclusive.

When President Madison (Muscled Madison) summons Elder Duval (Adrian Duvall) to conduct a worthiness check, Elder Duval admits that he will sometimes masturbate when he can’t resist the temptation. President Madison pulls out the twink’s cock to play with it and see how Elder Duval responds. The boy enjoys doing as he’s told, especially when the results feel so good. President Madison takes the test to the next level by licking Elder Duval’s smooth young hole, tickling it with his tongue, preparing the twink for penetration. When President Madison pushes his big daddy dick all the way in and starts to fuck him, Elder Duval knows a level of bliss that he’s never experienced from a holy man before.

Now it’s time for Elder Allen’s (Aaron Allen) meeting with President Madison, who wants to test his worthiness and his self-control. Things are going well for Elder Allen right up until the moment his companion and roommate Elder Duval comes into the room. Elder Duval is gorgeous, and President Madison knows that he will prove to be formidable temptation for Elder Allen. Not long after President Madison starts to suck Elder Duval’s cock in front of Elder Allen, the boy is eager to feel both of their cocks fucking him.

President Madison calls Elder Allen and Elder Duval into his office to teach them some lessons in respect. The two boys are having some personal issues, so President Madison teaches them how to get along in his favorite way: a threesome where he calls all the shots. This unconventional lesson works perfectly for these missionary boys.

Elder Duval has his physical examination with President Madison and Elder Allen. On the exam table, wearing only his underwear, Elder Duval presents himself to them on his hands and knees. After Madison and Allen have thoroughly inspected his hot twink body, the president tells Allen to give Duval a rimjob. Madison takes out Duval’s dick and gives it a closer oral inspection, and finally, Elder Allen sits back and watches President Madison fuck Elder Duval’s tight ass.

“Elder Duval: Chapters 1-4” from Missionary Boyz is available to rent, stream, or download from our adult VOD theater.