Movie Review – Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4

Watch Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4 on AEBNMixing sex, BDSM, and religion is a big hit in porn, and Missionary Boyz is one of the studios that does it with style and substance. This week they bring us another story of exquisite religious-sexual discovery in “Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4,” a new AEBN exclusive.

Elder Knoxx (played by Thyle Knoxx) has been misbehaving, and President Skye (ever-popular Latin daddy Manuel Skye) loves it when the twinks under his supervision misbehave. Meting out discipline is his favorite part of the job. Elder Knoxx kneels on a table in a black room, wearing his white undergarment, awaiting whatever punishment President Skye wishes to give him. President Skye enters the room, gives the boy a stern verbal admonition, blindfolds him, and proceeds to direct Elder Knoxx through a session of cock sucking, passionate kissing, anal play, and bareback fucking. The heavy sex musk can almost be smelled through the screen as the young missionary experiences what may well be the hottest, most intense sexual experience of his young life. Wouldn’t we all love such a powerful, sexy Daddy to guide us through a kinky fuck like this?

On their second meeting, the boy submits his body to a thorough physical examination at the hands of his mentor. President Skye wants to make sure Elder Knoxx is up to the challenges that will await him as he takes the next steps in his religious initiation. This time their encounter takes place in the older man’s office, where there’s plenty of light and a floor-to-ceiling mirror wall so that the boy can watch his sexy silver Daddy fuck his tight little ass, sanctifying him in a most unholy way.

Further along in Elder Knoxx’s process of moving up in the ranks of the church, he must meet with President Skye again for a heart-to-heart conversation. Elder Knoxx has a lot of troubles on his mind, but President Skye reassures him that he’s a good boy and is progressing well. Just to be sure there’s no lingering guilt about his dirty thoughts, though, President Skye gives Elder Knoxx the opportunity to live out the sexual fantasies that have been keeping him up at night.

President Skye has Elder Knoxx in his office again, a place that immediately gives the boy a boner from remembering all the sessions they’ve had before. This time, President Skye wants to reward Elder Knoxx for how pleased he and the congregation are with the boy’s performance. President Skye offers to anoint and massage Elder Knoxx’s firm, fine body, which is guaranteed to lead to a happy ending for both of them.

“Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4” hits the spot for viewers with a fetish for religious themes, and it’ll satisfy all the Manuel fans too. Stream this bareback Daddy/twink flick exclusively on our adult VOD theater.

Stars:   Thyle Knoxx   Manuel Skye
Studio Name:   Missionary Boyz

Watch Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4 on AEBNWatch Elder Knoxx 2: Chapters 1-4 on AEBNWatch Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4 on AEBNWatch Elder Knoxx: Chapters 1-4 on AEBN