Movie Review – Raw Alpha Males 2: Slammed and Wrecked

New and exclusive to our theater this week, “Raw Alpha Males 2: Slammed and Wrecked” from Lucas Entertainment features some of the hottest gay porn stars playing rough and dirty. These men have the time of their lives in four scorching bareback scenes.

Hot Aussie Max Arion and bearded Canadian Drake Masters head out into the woods on Fire Island, where Max gets Drake on all fours and pounds him out. Drake will never forget the sensation of Max’s fat cock deep in his guts!

Venezuelan hunk Marco Antonio and Latin American bottom Alphonso Osnaya are up next in an explosive scene. Watching them suck cock and eat ass is a tasty appetizer for the main course: Marco plowing Alphonso’s greedy bussy.

Bearded Brit Craig Marks is excited when stunning Italian top Kosta Viking presents his big dick to be sucked and ridden. Kosta takes control, bending Craig into every position he wants, and Craig is excited to be used. (more…)

Movie Review: Elder Quin, Chapters 1-4

This week sees the release of “Elder Quinn: Chapters 1-4,” the latest in the ongoing church boy saga from Missionary Boyz. Our titular hero Elder Quin (smolderingly handsome Rob Quin) is a devout twink whose worthiness is put to the test over and over again.

President Parker (bearded Daddy Parker Brookes) has brought Elder Quin to his office for a review. The older man has good reason to believe that the boy harbors feelings of gay lust, but Elder Quin tries to deny it. Determined to get the truth out, President Parker puts Elder Quin to a test. The boy simply can’t avoid growing stiff in front of this holy authority figure as President Parker sucks his cock. Elder Quin bends over for a rimjob and a thorough anal exam from President Parker’s dick. Depending on your point of view, the boy either passes or fails this exam.

Later, looking to determine if Elder Quin is ready to take on more “sacred tasks” in the church, President Parker brings the boy in for another session. Now, Elder Quin must prove that he can top just as well as he bottomed. (more…)

Movie Review: Sugar Shack

In five ruggedly gorgeous scenes directed by Iza Elle and Raph North, “Sugar Shack” will have your sweet tooth going out of control. This AEBN-exclusive new release from Falcon Studios features nine gorgeous men working and playing hard to make some maple syrup.

Kenzo Alvarez is a Latin Canadian top who made his porn debut a few years ago; you may also know him from his scene last year in “Winter Skyy Riders” (Falcon). Here, as he and newcomer Upton Sterling go collect sap in the woods, Kenzo finds himself overcome with the urge to tap Upton’s ass first. The horny studs suck and fuck up against the tree, unbothered by the chilly air on their muscular naked bodies.

Skyy Knox knows all about making maple syrup. The thing he knows even more about is fuckin’ and getting fucked, so when he goes to work in the warehouse with young newcomer Maverick Sun, Skyy quickly sees that their time could be best spent sucking each other’s cocks and flip-fucking each other. (more…)

Movie Review: Big Load Movers

 Hot, muscular, gorgeous blue-collar studs are moving a lot more than boxes in Raging Stallion Studios’ “Big Load Movers,” our featured movie of the week.

Handsome employee Beau Butler asks his supervisor, bearded daddy Roman Mercury, for some extra shifts. Roman, ever the horn dog with a taste for hunks like Beau, sees the chance to give his eager employee a “job” to do right away. Beau is happy to show the boss man what he’s capable of, from sucking his big dick to bending over the desk and taking a pounding.

A couple of movers enjoy a break from work when Alpha Wolfe catches his coworker Vander Pulaski masturbating to porn on his phone. Alpha knows he should report Vander for jerking his cock on the clock, but he likes what he sees. The two dark-haired, bearded studs go at each other, flip-fucking in the warehouse.

On another day at the moving company, Alpha gets distracted from unloading his truck when he sees his coworker, Brock Banks, shaking his thick Puerto Rican ass to a song. Brock aims to disrupt Alpha’s day even further by grinding and gyrating up against him. (more…)

Movie Review: Dream Lover

Award-nominated fan favorite performer Andrei Karenin (aka Pedro Luna) is the showcase star of this week’s featured new release, Bel Ami’s “Dream Lover.” It would indeed be a dream come true to be in the shoes of Andrei’s lucky costars for these stunning bareback scenes.

Andrei’s scene partner for the first two segments is studio veteran Billy Cotton, a cute blond twunk. The boys have a brief interview, make out, and take turns sucking each other’s big dicks. Andrei is more naturally inclined toward topping, and that’s what he does in the first scene. But as we can observe in the next scene, our movie star enjoys taking a ride on Billy’s dick as much as he loved fucking Billy’s ass.

Sexy Hungarian bottom Jason Clark is a perfect match for Andrei in scene three. Their attraction is potent, their bodies beautiful to watch in motion together.

Czech twunk Maori Mortensen is here for what he thinks is just a photo shoot, until Andrei drops the pretense of being the photographer and wraps his mouth around Maori’s cock. (more…)

Movie Review: Blame It on Rio

New this week and boasting six bareback scenes that overflow with male beauty, “Blame It on Rio” is the latest offering from the wildly successful NakedSword X Rhyheim collaboration.

NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler travels to Rio de Janeiro, where he meets nine hot locals who want to use his meaty body like a fuck toy with their huge dicks. One of those men is Andy Rodrigues, a gorgeous Afro-Brazilian rising star who makes an excellent guide to the city of extravagantly sensual men and hot sex. (He’s all over the first half of the movie, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all these chances to see him in action.) Along with Beau and Andy we have the relatively unknown Blessed Boy, Gabriel Coimbra, Marcelo Caiazzo, Markin Wolf, Gael, Samuel Hodecker, Grande Simões, and Alex Rosso. Beau greedily sucks off the line of cocks, and then the tops carry him into the house to pass him around, using him in every imaginable configuration. Gabriel and Gael double penetrate Beau’s ass while the other men jerk off, ready to feed Beau all the cum he can swallow. (more…)

Movie Review: I’m Following You

You don’t have to be following the epic “Swords” saga from NakedSword Originals and award-winning director Marc MacNamara to enjoy this week’s offering. “I’m Following You” offers plenty of eye candy without even getting into the intrigue of this sexual spy thriller.

For those of you who do want to see masc studs entangled in action-packed bareback fucks staged in some incredibly beautiful settings, watching all of the scenes in the series will reward you over and over again.

The story of “The Swords” is about NakedSword’s top exclusive models being recruited as Swords agents, pitting them against criminal masterminds and henchmen alike, and the best part is that the fight between the good guys and bad guys inevitably leads to hot, aggressive fucking. Whenever one side or the other wins the day, they always celebrate with yet more hot, aggressive fucking. Everybody wins!

In “I’m Following You,” sexy Greg Riley is prepared to do anything to be the biggest gay porn star in the world. (more…)