Movie Review: Sugar Shack

In five ruggedly gorgeous scenes directed by Iza Elle and Raph North, “Sugar Shack” will have your sweet tooth going out of control. This AEBN-exclusive new release from Falcon Studios features nine gorgeous men working and playing hard to make some maple syrup.

Kenzo Alvarez is a Latin Canadian top who made his porn debut a few years ago; you may also know him from his scene last year in “Winter Skyy Riders” (Falcon). Here, as he and newcomer Upton Sterling go collect sap in the woods, Kenzo finds himself overcome with the urge to tap Upton’s ass first. The horny studs suck and fuck up against the tree, unbothered by the chilly air on their muscular naked bodies.

Skyy Knox knows all about making maple syrup. The thing he knows even more about is fuckin’ and getting fucked, so when he goes to work in the warehouse with young newcomer Maverick Sun, Skyy quickly sees that their time could be best spent sucking each other’s cocks and flip-fucking each other. Maverick tops Skyy first, demonstrating excellent form and power as he fucks him standing up from behind, holding Skyy’s wrists like a handle. There’s some more oral action before Maverick hops onto a barrel and takes a pounding in the ass from Skyy.

Next, hot boyfriends Clark Delgaty (a hunky Canadian) and Olivier Robert (a handsome French redhead) make some snow cream to go with that syrup together outdoors, up against a building.

Bruce Huxley is a foxy Canadian with black hair, dark eyes, and some tattoos. He’s so sweet to Enzo Muller that he deserves to be thanked for the warm meal he’s cooking up on a cool day. Enzo sees a bulge in Bruce’s pants that tells him everything he needs to know. It’s not long before they’re bent over the kitchen table and going at it raw.

The movie comes to a tasty close when Maverick Sun returns to celebrate the end of the season with Nate Rose. Collecting all that sap to make sugary maple treats has left these two young Canadians feeling hungry for some cakes. After Nate fucks Maverick’s greedy ass, he coats his fine young body in a different kind of sweet, sticky substance.

“Sugar Shack” from Falcon Studios is brand new this week, available for rental, streaming, or download on our adult VOD theater.