Movie Review: Elder Quin, Chapters 1-4

This week sees the release of “Elder Quinn: Chapters 1-4,” the latest in the ongoing church boy saga from Missionary Boyz. Our titular hero Elder Quin (smolderingly handsome Rob Quin) is a devout twink whose worthiness is put to the test over and over again.

President Parker (bearded Daddy Parker Brookes) has brought Elder Quin to his office for a review. The older man has good reason to believe that the boy harbors feelings of gay lust, but Elder Quin tries to deny it. Determined to get the truth out, President Parker puts Elder Quin to a test. The boy simply can’t avoid growing stiff in front of this holy authority figure as President Parker sucks his cock. Elder Quin bends over for a rimjob and a thorough anal exam from President Parker’s dick. Depending on your point of view, the boy either passes or fails this exam.

Later, looking to determine if Elder Quin is ready to take on more “sacred tasks” in the church, President Parker brings the boy in for another session. Now, Elder Quin must prove that he can top just as well as he bottomed. The answer, as you’ll see, is that this young man is a natural at fucking, whether he’s on the receiving or giving end.

President Parker is pleased with this gorgeous missionary boy’s performance, but he remains strict about when and how Elder Quin can exercise his sexual urges, and he has concerns about Elder Quin’s relationship with Elder Dakota (the adorable Dakota Lovell, a Missionary Boyz regular). During the meeting, the Daddy pulls off his belt and doles out a spanking. When President Parker manages to get the truth out—that the boys have indeed been fooling around together—he makes them perform their sinful deeds for him. While the older man watches, the boys suck and fuck, braced against President Parker’s lap. Eventually, President Parker joins the fun and makes an Elder Quin sandwich with Elder Dakota at the other end.

Elder Quin has an interview scheduled with President Brooke, but when he arrives, Elder Dakota is waiting for him. President Brooke has authorized Elder Dakota to take his place, which means that Elder Quin has to do his peer’s bidding! Luckily, these boys have already got quite the history together, so apart from perhaps a bit of jealousy over not being entrusted with such authority, Elder Quin thoroughly enjoys this interrogation. After a spanking, being gagged with his own necktie, and having his ass inspected and tasted, Elder Quin takes a pounding from Elder Dakota’s dick.

“Elder Quin: Chapters 1-4” is a new AEBN exclusive from Missionary Boyz that will satisfy your religious kink. Don’t miss this hot new release!