Review: Cell Block D, Dragon Media’s first all-bareback release

cell block d, dragon media raw, bareback, prison, gay, porn, Rocco Steele, Phoenix Fellington, Alessio Vega, Ray Diesel, Jack Andy, Nick Capra, Cade Maddox, interracial, musclesCell Block D is the first 100% bareback movie from Dragon Media’s Dragon Media Raw line. “D” is for Dick, as in Big Dick, judging by the men in these scenes. Director and star Rocco Steele, a legendary swordsman in his own right, has a bunch of cock-wielding friends behind bars and we’re treated to some cum-tastic antics in these must-see scenes.

Rocco has just started a sucking session with cellmate Nick Capra, who’s hoping to be paroled soon, when the prison guard (Alessio Vega, making his porn debut for Dragon Media) shows up to take Rocco to place the phone call he’s been asking to make… allegedly. In reality, it’s an excuse for Alessio to get Rocco all to himself so he can ride that huge cock raw. We get plenty of close-up shots of the condom-free penetration.

After Rocco returns to the cell, Nick leaves to meet with his parole officer, Phoenix Fellington. (more…)

Movie Review: Big and Juicy

big juicy, extra big dicks, pride studios, Sean Duran, Scott DeMarco, Jack Andy, Adin Smith, Jaxton Wheeler, Alexander Garrett, Hans Berlin, Bryce EvansExtra Big Dicks and Pride Studios have got something huge for us this week. Big and Juicy is all about fat, long, mouth-watering cocks and the holes that love them.

Working out leads to sore, stiff muscles that need a good massage. During a rubdown, Bryce Evans sees Sean Duran’s package peeking out of his shorts, and he can’t help himself. Instantly he’s on his knees, taking that meat in his hand and guiding it down his throat, getting it wet with his slobber. Sean Duran bends Bryce over and fucks him hard, right there on the locker room bench.

Jack Andy’s dick is big enough that the guys can’t stop talking about it amongst themselves. Adin Smith is all horned up because he’s heard about it too, and now he wants to experience it for himself. Jack heard that Adin has a nice ass and wants to find out if it’s true. (more…)

Featured star: Alex Mecum, porn’s own Captain America

alex mecum, muscles, big dick, gay, pornThis week’s featured star, Alex Mecum, has been wowing the world with his body and technique since 2015. His chiseled, v-shaped torso is a little bit hairy and always in amazing shape. He’s got blue-green eyes, light brown hair, and sensual lips we can only stop staring at when he takes out his big, tasty dick!

Alex was born in Utah, so he has that clean-cut, nice guy image that gets thoroughly dirtied up whenever he takes off his clothes for our pleasure. It was the perfect look and energy for the lead role in Captain America: A Gay XXX Parody (Men). He moved back to Utah after a couple of years in the adult industry so he could go to college, but he’s continued to do porn so he won’t feel trapped in a sheltered environment after taking such a big leap while living in New York. Performing is as much of a turn-on for Alex as it is for those of us who are watching him.

Before getting into porn, Alex found himself becoming aroused while curiously browsing a website about penis exercise and enlargement. He started watching amateur videos of men cumming. (more…)

Muscle bear Brad Kalvo is a Daddy of our dreams

brad kalvo, daddy, dilf, gay, pornDaddy bear Brad Kalvo is a mountain of a man who knows just how hard and fast his bottoms want to be fucked. We love to imagine how the embrace of those strong, thick arms would feel. His 7-inch cock sure would fill a hungry hole nicely!

Muscle Fuckers 3 from Cocksure Men is a searing one-on-one scene between Brad and hot Latin stud Alessio Romero. With lots of nipple play and deep-throating leading up to the anal action, it’s an exciting clash of muscle on muscle.

In His Lover’s Son from Rock Candy Films, you can see a deeper side to Brad as he portrays a mysterious and desperate man who finds a connection with irresistible twink Aaron Slate as they hook up for one night. It’s great to see Brad’s emotional depth in this performance is as impressive as his sexual prowess.

Brad goes raw in My Need to Breed from Ricky Raunch, trading blowjobs with sexy ginger Chad Brock and eating his hungry hole before slamming him into the mattress. You can almost smell the sweat and man musk!

Trenton Ducati’s Ducati Studios features Brad in his own solo movie, Muscle Bear. If you’re into watching hot men flex and play with their cocks till they cum, this will be everything you need.

Watch some seriously hungry bottoms service Brad’s big cock and then give him their raw holes in Brad Kalvo from USAJOCK/Alpha One Media: David Lambert, Dylan Saunders, Nick Tiano, Shay Michaels, and Travis Saint.

Daddies Fuck Teens from Men is Brad’s most recent movie. Watch this scene bring all of your Daddy/twink fantasies to life as he pushes his big cock into adorable Ryan Sharp’s tight, smooth, sweet young hole.

We’ve got all of you daddy bear fans out there covered with dozens of the best Brad Kalvo movies available on demand. Here are just five of the many that we recommend.

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Movie Review: “Wasteland,” Raging Stallion Studios

wasteland, raging stallion, gay porn, bruno bernal, bruce beckham, sean duran, myles landon, rafael lords, talon reed, ryan cruz, musclesTaking place in a post-apocalyptic landscape where bartering and sexual favors are the only currency, Wasteland from Raging Stallion Studios and director Steve Cruz is all about fucking as a means of survival as well as pleasure. These muscular men have got to be ruthless and ready for anything.

Bruno Bernal tries to escape his cage, but his guard Bruce Beckham catches and punishes him. With his huge dick already hard, Bruce grabs Bruno’s hair and shoves his mouth down onto the shaft. Bruno knows that he’s got no choice but to please his guard, so he relaxes his throat and lets Bruce fuck his face hard and deep. Bruce stretches Bruno’s sphincter with a huge black dildo and then tries to see how far he can stick his tongue into the freshly penetrated hole. Bruno’s ass takes cock like a champ. Both men sweat and grunt in the dusty, dim dungeon until Bruce shoots his load on Bruno’s face. Bruno finishes himself off while Bruce watches. Afterward, it’s back into the cage for Bruno, at least until Bruce is feeling horny again.

While out on patrol, Talon Reed finds abandoned supplies of food and water. He brings them back to Myles Landon, his superior, who rewards him with sex. Myles takes off his codpiece, giving Talon access to his meaty package. Talon greedily sucks Myles’ cock, covering it with his slobber, getting it lubed up so Myles can really push it into his asshole. In turn, Myles tickles Talon’s rosebud with his tongue. Myles penetrates Talon doggy style, gripping his leather harness for leverage. Muscles rippling with the effort, hips slapping ass cheeks, they make a gorgeous sight amid the grime and grit of the warehouse. Talon knows all the best angles and speeds to make the ride feel best, and he jerks himself to completion as Myles pounds him in missionary. Myles pulls out and adds his own spunk to the mess on Talon’s lean, sweaty torso.

Rafael Lords has been lost in the desert. He discovers a compound where he thinks he can rest, but Ryan Cruz has other ideas. Ryan grabs Rafael and tells him he’s just stumbled into dangerous territory. He offers Rafael protection, but it’ll come at a price. Rafael gladly subjects himself to whatever this ripped and pierced top wants to do to him, from hungry oral sex and ass rimming to aggressive, sweaty fucking. Ryan stuffs Rafael’s tight, firm ass with his fat cock and for his part, Rafael takes an active role. He bounces, fucks back against Ryan, and contorts himself into positions that will make for the best penetration. Rafael makes himself jizz all over himself and Ryan pulls out so he can blast a jaw-dropping load that lands all the way across the room. The tired men kiss and fall onto the bed. When Ryan is fast asleep, Rafael sneaks out with his gear and runs for his freedom.

Rafael doesn’t make it far until Sean Duran apprehends him and turns him into his fuck toy. Sean appraises Rafael’s body and decides he wants some of that ass. He bends Rafael over a table and penetrates that sphincter with his tongue. Rafael kneels and worships Sean’s throbbing erection, as Sean plays with his own nipples. Sean tosses Rafael onto a desk and starts to pound his asshole. Rafael soon can’t help tugging his own dick as Sean thrusts deeper and more intensely inside him. Sean’s pounding only intensifies when Rafael gets on all fours, and Rafael can’t help cumming hard. But he didn’t have permission yet, as Sean angrily informs him. As punishment, Rafael is definitely going to be taking another punishing fuck!

These incredibly powerful, rugged men will do anything to come out on top… or just to cum. Wasteland is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Bruno Bernal   Bruce Beckham   Sean Duran   Myles Landon   Rafael Lords   Talon Reed   Ryan Cruz
Studio Name:   Raging Stallion Studios  Falcon Studios Group 

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Featured Star: Blue-eyed, furry muscle bear Jaxton Wheeler

jaxton wheeler, muscles, big dick, body builders, gay, pornAt 28 years of age, Jaxton Wheeler has been in porn on and off since 2011. Back in the early days of his career, while performing under the name Valentino, he did some hot fuck flicks with ChaosMen and became known as one of the studio’s most popular stars. Jaxton’s combination of bearded good looks and muscular body, along with those piercing blue eyes, won him plenty of fans. He had been an extreme athlete since he was a kid, and at age 20 he became an internet sensation after he posted some videos of himself posing.

Jaxton’s bulked up considerably since those days, in one of the most dramatic transformations we can remember. Though he still has the beautiful eyes and the beard, his hair is long and curly, and you could almost get lost in his chest fur. He looks like the kind of man who would model for the cover of a romance novel, clutching a buxom woman to his chest as they look out over a stormy sea. Jaxton is bisexual in his personal life but saves his on-camera embraces for other hot men.

Recently, Jaxton served up a stunning performance in Next Door jaxton wheeler, posing, muscles, bodybuilder, gay, porn, muscle bearStudios’ The Balls of Wall Street. Though not strictly a porn parody of a similarly titled Hollywood movie, it does revolve around the debauched sex lives of gorgeous young men with lots of money to blow on their lavish carnal escapades. As the movie’s box cover cleverly puts it, you will “pitch a tent with the 1%.” Jaxton’s scorching scene with young Latino bottom Rey Luis starts the movie off right.

One of Jaxton’s other recent appearances can be seen in the Iconmale hit Brandon Wilde’s First Gangbang, which is packed from wall to wall with gorgeous fuckers who live for man sex. In a cast that also includes the likes of superstar Brandon Wilde, Billy Santoro, and Jack Hunter, Jaxton is always able to draw the eye. Lucky Brandon gets to entertain five tops at once with his delectable bubble butt!

Jaxton was less hairy but even bulkier in Beef from Randy Blue in 2012. If you like your men meaty, you won’t get a juicier cut of beef than this as he and sandy-haired jock Brad Coyote pound each other’s asses into the couch.

Speaking of pounding asses into surfaces, Jaxton power-fucks a stud named Chris into the wrestling mat in Next Door’s Blowing the Competition. After a hot suck session that includes some sixty-nine, Jaxton takes charge and Chris ends up in piledriver position.

You can almost smell the pheromones through the screen whenever Jaxton is in action. We have all of this versatile bear’s hottest movies on AEBN for your viewing pleasure!

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Featured Star: Daddy muscle bear Brad Kalvo

brad kalvo, shirtless, bear, porn, gayImagine how it must feel to be wrapped up in this muscle bear’s strong, thick arms as he drives his 7-inch cock deep into your greedy hole. Brad Kalvo is a mountain of a man who knows just how hard and fast his bottoms want to be fucked, so let your imagination run wild with that fantasy.

Nasty Daddy’s Unload 3, Brad’s first movie, was a sign of great things to come from him when it was released in December 2011. It shows just how he likes to play with himself, and we’d sure love the chance to get our own hands on that package. This all-solo title is directed by the legendary hardcore director Peter Romero and also stars Damien Knight, Adam Russo, Scott Campbell, and Mike Martinez. It’s like a one-movie festival of muscle daddy bears and we can’t get enough!

Muscle Fuckers 3 from Cocksure Men is a sizzling one-on-one scene between Brad and Latin lover Alessio Romero. With lots of nipple play, deep-throating, and hard fucking, it’s an exciting rendezvous between two muscular studs we love. These two have already warmed up with some passionate kissing and nipple play before the camera rolls, and they keep at it after the scene is over.

brad kalvo, nude, gay, bear, porn, muscles, dilf, daddyIf you’re looking for a more emotional performance from Brad, one that shows off his acting chops as well as his sexual prowess, look no further than His Lover’s Son from Rock Candy Films. See a deeper side to Brad as he portrays a mysterious and desperate man looking for a connection in a one-night stand with irresistible twink Aaron Slate.

Brad is a raw force of nature in My Need to Breed from Ricky Raunch, trading blowjobs with ginger stud Chad Brock and eating his hungry hole before slamming him into the mattress. You can almost smell the sweat and pheromones!

Baby Boy is Iconmale’s powerful gender-flipped period piece inspired by a classic, notorious Vladimir Nabokov novel from 1955 (whose mere title might get us in trouble, as a porn site—but a simple web search will tell you everything you need to know). In the climactic final scene, Brad enjoys an intergenerational threeway with the luscious young duo of J.D. Phoenix and Ian Levine. It’s almost sinful the way they carry on, and we love it!

Most recently, Brad was seen in I Need Daddy’s Seed from Pride Studios. Young jock Kyle Kash has been nursing a crush on his coach, Brad, even years after he left school. He returns to let Brad know just how much he wants that daddy dick and Brad is eager to give it to him!

These are some fan-favorite Brad Kalvo titles that we highly recommend for all your daddy bear-loving needs.

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