Movie Review: Flesh of the Gods

In Greece, Himeros TV filmed a series representing Greek archetypes. The result is “Flesh of the Gods,” an incredibly beautiful and just plain hot collection of scenes starring devastatingly gorgeous men who enjoy fucking each other. Whether you delve into the psychological aspects or just want to watch exciting raw sex, this movie really satisfies.

Apollo the sun god is represented in the first scene, starring Englishman Gabriel Cross and Venezuelan stud Oliver Hunt. After exercising outdoors, working up a sweat and ogling each other’s fit bodies, it’s only natural that these jocks will enjoy a different type of cardio in bed. The two men get in tune with each other on multiple levels, using sex as a deeper connection and a release.

In a scene representing Hephaestus, god of artisans, red-haired Australian stud Leander and Oliver Hunt are going at it while bespectacled English twink Clark Lewis sketches in a book. The two lovers invite Clark to join them, but he chooses to watch, voyeuristically sketching the men in action.

Leander returns in the next scene with the stunning Polish stud Kayden Gray in a scene representing Persephone, goddess of the underworld. Before Kayden arrives, Leander trash-talks his reflection in the mirror, calls himself “just a hole,” and spits at it. He waits for Kayden on the bed, naked, blindfolded, collared, and cuffed. Kayden thanks Leander for submitting to him and proceeds to own and dominate the ginger stud’s fantastic body, with some achingly sensual kissing, spitting, nipple play, and more. Leander can barely contain his excitement as Kayden licks his way up Leander’s spine and eats his ass. The slowly building intensity is enough to have you chomping at the bit for release, but it’s worth the wait for the explosive climax.

A rampant erection stands alone in the frame, muscles twitching to make it jump, before a slow and heavy drizzle of honey coats it in a thick, sticky, golden glaze. As the honey begins to weigh the cock down, a hungry mouth appears to lick and suck the sweet syrup that drips from the head, shaft, and balls. This is how we begin the scene representing Aphrodite, starring Black British stud Bishop Black and a returning Oliver Hunt. Bishop and Oliver give each other body and soul, kissing with overwhelming desire and hunger before Oliver finally claims Bishop’s ass with his uncut cock. Whether Oliver is getting penetrated from above or rocking his bubble butt back and forth in cowgirl position, the imagery is as beautiful as it is erotic.

Gabriel Cross stands on a coastline with his staff in hand, catching the scent of Clark Lewis, who is dressed in fur and black briefs. After a brief chase, Gabriel throws Clark over his shoulder and brings him home. As Artemis, god of the hunt, Gabriel loves to catch and release his conquests. He has Clark in his bed, naked and hogtied, at his mercy. Based on the way these two gorgeous men gaze into each other’s eyes as Gabriel thrusts into Clark’s ass, one wonders if Artemis has found a deeper bond with his lover this time.

Kayden Gray returns along with Oliver Hunt for a kinky scene representing Hera, goddess of marriage. When Oliver comes home late for the dinner that Kayden lovingly made for them, claiming that it’s been a long day, he gives Kayden a present as though he has a guilty conscience. Soon, Kayden discovers the reason his man was late is that he’s been getting bred by some other guy, but that won’t stop Kayden from reclaiming Oliver’s sloppy hole for his own.

Leander represents Zeus, King of the Gods. As he goes through man after man, Leander literally marks notches on his headboard after each hookup (consisting of all the men in the cast). Enter Clark Lewis, coquettishly making eyes at Leander as he stands in the doorway. Leander commands Clark to undress and get on the bed. After that introduction you might expect Leander to be a top, but no: he’s a power bottom, and Clark is happy to fill his hole. Zeus is notorious for using sex to get more power, and his appetite for both is legendary, but on this occasion, Leander finds a genuine connection with Clark.

We see Bishop Black and Kayden Gray indulge in some friendly wrestling. This scene represents Ares, god of war. These two jocks love the competition, the power struggle, but it takes some convincing for Bishop to let Kayden take their play to a sexual level. As it turns out, Bishop likes getting rimmed, fingered, and fucked, and Kayden’s cock tastes great.

Gabriel Cross and Leander close the movie in a scene representing Hades, god of the underworld, whose love for Persephone brings him out of the loneliness of his dark domain. Flashes of lightning briefly illuminate the scene as Gabriel makes a meal of Leander’s ass and pins him to the mattress with his confident, dominant, yet sensual thrusts, choking him and occasionally slapping his face. Later, Leander turns the tables and gives Gabriel a taste of his own medicine. This flip-fucking scene gets a bit rough in a playful way and brings this collection of divine tales to a satisfying conclusion.

“Flesh of the Gods” from Himeros TV will reward you with more than two hours of stunning sex that goes deeper on many levels than the porn that you might be used to. Rent, stream, or download this all-bareback marathon of fucking at our adult VOD theater!