Movie Review: “Black Cock in My Ass,” Next Door Ebony

black cock in my ass, next door ebony, Andre Donovan, Jacen Zhu, Leo Brooks, Darion, Brendan Phillips, Trent King, Chris Harder, Osiris Blade, leather lovers, phantom of allure, nervousness, the wait is overNext Door Ebony’s latest, Black Cock in My Ass, is a hot new release that we recommend this week.

Working as a caretaker at an old, historic theatre has its perks. Osiris Blade is starring in a private stage show with Leo Brooks, who’s playing the part of “the Phantom of Allure.” When he turns on a stage light, Osiris sees Leo gyrating like a go-go dancer, dressed only in red underwear, a black cape, and a black eye mask. Osiris and Leo meet on the stage, both masked and caped and living out a fantasy. Music is playing from somewhere as they kiss passionately, their dark, muscular bodies gyrating erotically. Osiris kneels and greedily engulfs Leo’s dick with his mouth. The costumes come off and Leo takes his turn blowing Osiris. Oral sex and ass eating lead to desperately horny fucking. Leo bends Osiris over and pumps his bubble butt hard. (more…)

Movie Review: Interracial Cocks

interracial cocks, next door ebony, ir, gay, pornNext Door Ebony, the black/interracial label from Next Door Studios, has a new must-see flick for us this week titled Interracial Cocks.

In scene one, Caleb King and Dylan Henri are hanging out and talking about how some guy last night at the club didn’t know what to make of Caleb’s uncut cock. It turns out that Dylan is also uncut and he’s found that there are plenty of guys who will appreciate a beautiful, uncut dick. Dylan proves to Caleb that he is one of them by orally worshiping that meat, foreskin and all. Then Caleb gives back as good as he got, slurping with obvious enjoyment. Dylan gets Caleb’s asshole wet and ready for him to push his rock-hard cock inside. As he thrusts, the flexing and rippling of his muscular ass is just plain stunning, and almost orgasm-inducing on its own. Caleb eventually jerks a big load while Dylan is pounding his ass. Pushed over the edge, Dylan jizzes all over Caleb’s back. (more…)

Movie Review: “Ravaged Raw Holes,” Raw Strokes

ravaged raw holes, raw strokes, Mr. Marky, Knockout, Jaylen Frost, Julius Caesar, Cutler X, Deep Dicc, Mr. Cali, Ray Mannix, Tigger Redd, LeonardoRaw Strokes is known for its no-frills bareback scenes, including black as well as interracial fucking. Ravaged Raw Holes, this week’s featured movie, is another awesome collection of scenes that are pure wall to wall raw action.

Mr. Cali is a big-dicked black stud and Leonardo is a slim little Latin bottom. Things start off with Leonardo humping Mr. Cali as they kiss, and then sensually sucking his huge meat. Mr. Cali teases his own nipples as Leonardo goes to town on him. Then, unable to contain his hunger anymore, Mr. Cali shoves his face between Leonardo’s firm, round cheeks, soon lifting him up to hold him upside down and tickle his pucker some more. When the foreplay is over and Mr. Cali starts to drill deeply, it’s easy to see that Leonardo is getting one of the greatest fucks of his life!

Watch Deep Dicc use greedy bottom Tigger Redd in a suck and fuck that, let’s just say, requires flexibility from Tigger and strength from Deep.

In scene three, Knockout breeds and seeds Raw Strokes newcomer Jaylen Frost. Get ready for some great close-ups of the penetration in this one! (more…)

Movie Review: “Fit for a King,” Next Door Ebony

fit for a king, trent king, next door, ebony, black, gay, porn, muscles, latin, interracial, tommy deluca, jordano santoro, jay alexander, daniel floresIn Next Door Ebony’s Fit for a King, the hot and hung Trent King puts on an amazing show of versatility.

Trent King is home early from a deployment and trying to reach his boyfriend, Daniel Flores, on the phone. But Daniel sleeps through the phone call, so Trent has to find another way home. He wakes up Daniel with the best kind of surprise! Their urgent kisses lead to Trent fondling the quickly growing boner in Daniel’s tiny yellow briefs. Trent takes out Daniel’s uncut cock and begins a slow, sensual session of oral sex that could make you pop all on its own. Their fucking is hot and visually pleasing, especially when Daniel climbs on board Trent’s cock, ass muscles flexing as he rises and falls. It’s an equally erotic and tender scene between lovers who have missed each other while they were apart.

Tommy Deluca invites Trent over to play chess, but he has more than strategy on his mind. They’ve only known each other for a few weeks, but Tommy has felt a vibe off Trent and he wants to see where things go when he invites him over. Soon, Tommy notices that Trent is stroking a huge bulge in his pants and gives his new friend a meaningful look as he strokes himself in turn. The guys kiss, stripping off each other’s shirts. Tommy orally engulfs as much of Trent’s enormous dick as he can, and then Trent reciprocates. They lick each other’s winking assholes until Tommy pushes his hard prick into Trent’s ass. After taking a long, masterfully paced pounding from Tommy, Trent flip-fucks him. Checkmate!

After a workout, there’s nothing that Jay Alexander and Trent like more than to work their bodies in a more intimate way. They’ve just been checking out each other’s muscles when Trent notices the swelling in Jay’s shorts. He pulls it out and sucks it to full hardness. Jay takes his turn tasting Trent’s meat and then tickles Trent’s pucker with his tongue. Once Trent’s hole is slick with spit, Jay slides his cock deep inside and gives Trent a long, hard fuck. It’s no wonder they love going to the gym so much!

Jordano Santoro is nervous to be sharing a room with Trent on a vacation in Cancun because, on a previous vacation, Trent was caught jerking off while watching someone nap. Jordano awakens from a snooze to find Trent doing the same thing to him, and even pulling down the covers to take pictures of his bare, tan-lined ass. Soon it’s clear that Jordano was only pretending so he could catch Trent in the act, and he gets turned on in spite of his nerves. Trent figures out that Jordano is into it, so he feeds his fat cock into Jordano’s greedy mouth. Jordano feels Trent getting harder in his mouth and moves so that Trent can give him a handjob while he sucks. Trent flips Jordano over so he can rim his hole and then fuck him. Jordano takes Trent’s dick in several positions, getting closer and closer to popping, and he finally jizzes all over himself with Trent pounding him hard.

After all those cumtastic scenes of Trent demonstrating his sexual versatility, unwind with a solo session of Trent lying in bed and jerking off in front of a mirror.

This interracial fuck fest is streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Trent King   Tommy DeLuca   Jordano Santoro   Jay Alexander   Daniel Flores
Studio Name:   Next Door Ebony

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Gay Porn Movie Review: “Mixxxed Nuts Raw,” Raw Rods Productions

raw rods productions, mixxxed nuts raw, interracial, gay, porn, bareback, kristopher delagado, mendoza monroe, antonio rashad, troy newton, johnathan riverra, kevin barks, jason wolfe, cameron cummingsHot and horny twinks get into some interracial relations in Mixxxed Nuts Raw from Raw Rods Productions.

A little friendly competition while working out compels Johnathan Riverra and Troy Newton to get physical in a much sexier way. While Troy is doing a set of sit-ups, Johnathan pulls Troy’s big, fat dick out of his jockstrap and begins to suck. Johnathan enjoys Troy’s oral attention, especially the deep-throating! Then Troy eats Johnathan’s ass so it’s nice and wet for fucking. Troy fucks Johnathan several different ways and jizzes all over his tight ass.

Cameron Cummings is about to get inducted into the Raw Rods life thanks to Kevin Barks, who takes control and teaches him to fuck his hot white ass just right. Kevin starts out by sucking Cameron’s black dick to full hardness, and then turning over so Cameron can lick his rosebud. Kevin’s asshole is so tight that Cameron could easily lose his load quickly, but he holds out and fucks him hard! Stay tuned to see the surprise that Kevin gives Cameron at the end of the scene.

Jason Wolfe is another newbie and is lucky enough to shoot his first scene with Antonio Rashad. Antonio is just beginning to shoot scenes with other models himself, and he makes Jason’s shyness fade away with some great handjob technique before they fuck.

Mendoza Monroe and Kristopher Delgado walk into the room mid-conversation, talking about why Mendoza didn’t go out to the club last night. Kristopher gives Mendoza the chance to make up for the fun he didn’t have the previous night, sucking his cock to get things started. Mendoza rims Kristopher’s ass and then fucks him. After Mendoza shoots his load on Kristopher’s pucker, he pushes that load deep inside Kristopher’s hole to use it as lube. Mendoza’s a generous fuck buddy who makes sure Kristopher gets to cum too, using a dildo to fuck the cum right out of him.

Mixxxed Nuts Raw is streaming now on all AEBN VOD theaters.

Stars:   Kristopher Delagado   Mendoza Monroe   Antonio Rashad   Troy Newton   Johnathan Riverra   Kevin Barks   Jason Wolfe   Cameron Cummings
Studio Name:   Raw Rods Productions 

Movie Review: Raw Strokes’ “Raw Insurrection”

raw insurrection, raw strokes, bareback, gay, porn, interracial, cutler x, xavier arroyo, troy moreno, knockout, armond rizzo, trelino, dev, champ, jake kay, assassin, big dickRaw Strokes and director Marco Paris bring their signature realism to Raw Insurrection, an interracial fuck flick starring some of their most popular performers and introducing new instant favorites.

Buzzcut-sporting bottom Jake Kay has said he will try almost anything once. In scene one, he’s trying Dev. As the scene begins, Jake’s wrapping his greedy mouth around Dev’s thick and meaty black dick, stroking it as he sucks. Soon he opens up his equally hungry asshole and takes a deep pounding.

With names that sound like video game characters, Knockout and Assassin are an awesome duo. Those names also give you a good sense of the way these Black studs like to fuck. Knockout, a Raw Strokes regular star, dips deeply into Assassin’s incredible ass—plunging between those bubble butt cheeks and drilling him hard.

Cutler X is one of the most awesome Black muscle men in gay porn. We can never get enough of his dominant fucking style when he’s topping some lucky little bottom. This time he’s introducing Latin newbie Xavier Arroyo to the ranks of Raw Strokes stars. Watch him grab Xavier’s shaved head and skull-fuck him, then flip him over and rim his hole while getting a blowjob in standing 69. You might have blown your load before Cutler even starts fucking Xavier’s ass, but you’ll regret it if you don’t take the time to recover and keep watching it till the end. It’s a pump-and-dump that you could definitely watch again and again.

Armond Rizzo is the crème de la crème of power bottoms. Watching him take on Champ is an awe-inspiring, ball-draining spectacle to behold: a no-frills suck and fuck, yes, but their chemistry is explosive and so are the loads.

Trelino, recently seen alongside several drag superstars in the hilarious Tuckbusters parody on YouTube, looks cute and fresh-faced on the surface but don’t let those adorable looks fool you. He’s also capable of taking huge dicks like that of Troy Moreno, a dark-skinned Black top who just loves little bottoms like Trelino. Their aggressive matchup is the perfect way to end this bareback lover’s wet dream of a movie.

Raw Insurrection is an explosive new bareback exclusive streaming only on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Cutler X   Xavier Arroyo   Troy Moreno   Knockout   Armond Rizzo   Trelino   Dev   Champ (KMW)   Jake Kay   Assassin
Studio Name:   Raw Strokes 

Movie Review: “We Are Coming for You” from Treasure Island Media

we are coming for you, treasure island media, paul morris, cutler x, wolfie blue, jay brix, max cameron, brad mcguire, mark david, ed hunter, fucktard, ian jay, keer, fyerfli, gay, porn, bareback, interracial
Treasure Island Media head Paul Morris has made We Are Coming for You to be something of a manifesto. The title doesn’t just refer to coming in the orgasmic sense. It’s also a declaration of solidarity with other gay men and a statement against hate and oppression. This is porn with a purpose, but it’s also just as hot as every other TIM video you’ve ever seen.

Sinewy Jay Brix is kissing Max Cameron before they realize the camera is rolling. They laugh when they realize the scene has started and get back to it without missing a beat. Jay is already naked and Max drops his pants to reveal that he’s wearing a jock strap underneath. It frames his well-formed butt cheeks perfectly. Max drops to his knees and wraps his mouth around Jay’s hard-on, and Jay grabs the sides of Max’s head for leverage as he skull-fucks him. Jay bends Max over and spreads his ass open so he can lick and stick him with that big dick of his. Max takes Jay’s fuck in several positions, their connection deepening as they taste, smell, and breathe each other.

Brad McGuire has retired from porn, but Paul has been saving his scene with Mark David for a special occasion. It was Mark’s first scene for the studio. As you might know, Mark started doing gay porn after his wife cuckolded him and had her lover fuck Mark. It turns out Mark isn’t so straight after all, especially when it’s a stud like Brad fucking him. Brad’s ability to turn any bottom into a total slut is legendary and it’s easy to see why Paul was holding onto this scene until now.

After we watch Ed Hunter induct another newbie into his personal collection of totally owned conquests, we see the return of “The Fucktard.” This legendary dick-drunk bottom has had his fill of just about every top who shoots for TIM. (His legendary antics can also be seen in Bad Seed.) TIM viewers will love seeing him get bred once again when he meets Calvin for a scene that leaves his greedy hole gaping!

Eager to work with cum slut Ian Jay again, Paul gave him his pick of tops. Ian chose Keer, whose dick is almost as thick as a twink’s wrist. In this filthy-hot scene, Ian uses Keer as a living, breathing dildo and takes his seed up his well-bred ass.

Johnny is a rich boy from one of California’s most prominent old-money families, but he aims to misbehave… just a bit. He puts on a mask and somehow his ass manages to accommodate Fyerfli’s fat dick. It’s so tight we’re amazed that such a snug grip didn’t milk Fyerfli’s cock almost immediately.

The legendary Cutler X is here to dominate young white twink Wolfie Blue with his enormous black cock and all the muscle-driven power that he brings to every scene. Wolfie didn’t know he was in for a fuck that would leave him limping for days! Cutler X totally owns that sweet young ass in a way that Wolfie is never going to forget.

We Are Coming for You starts and ends on sky-high notes, and everything in between is also great. It’s easy to see why Paul Morris believes in the raw power and even the soul connections that are possible in the best gay porn. This TIM instant classic is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Max Cameron   Jay Brix   Brad McGuire   Johnny   Fyerfli   Ian Jay   Cutler X   Mark David   Keer (TIM)   Calvin (TIM)   Ed Hunter   Wolfie Blue   Fucktard
Studio Name:   Treasure Island Media 

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