Movie Review: Friends with Benefits

Cockyboys delivers four scenes of extremely hot young guys cementing their bonds of friendship with sex in “Friends with Benefits,” a new release that is bound to become a fan favorite. The men are gorgeous, the lust is real, and you can see that they’re having the time of their lives together.

Gorgeous Trevor Brooks and sexy Cockyboys exclusive Tristan Hunter have been friends for a while, but this is the first time they’ve gotten to perform together. You can instantly see the chemistry between them, and it only grows stronger as they move from making out to sucking cock. Tristan is excited to worship Trevor’s cock and be dominated. Trevor puts Tristan through a real workout, but Tristan is a great bottom who knows how to take a raw pounding with the best of them. We envy anyone who might have passed by that window while Trevor was fucking Tristan up against it! Judging by the sizes of their loads, these friends had a great time, and so did we as the audience.

Dark-eyed and handsome Cockyboys exclusive Lane Colten and his hot, muscular friend Jordan Starr get right down to it. They start making out and comparing their dick sizes before taking turns having a good, long taste of each other. Jordan lavishes oral attention on Lane’s cock, and then Lane deep throats Jordan, including some vigorous face fucking. Then Jordan licks Lane’s hole to get him nice and wet before pushing his thick dick deep inside. Ferociously horny, the two men make a lot of noise, especially Lane as he gets screwed, pounded, and nailed in all sorts of positions.

Gorgeous young Latin star Chris Andy and his boyfriend, the muscular and mullet-having Travis Stevens (my, how he’s grown from twink to jock), are more than just FWB. It doesn’t matter if this scene strictly fits the theme or not when it’s this exciting! Their love and passion for one another are obvious in this flip-fucking scene. The boyfriends aren’t shy about showing us how they like to fuck or about talking dirty. Whether they’re topping or bottoming, both Chris and Travis are active and enthusiastic.

At Montreal Pride, Asian hottie Cody Seiya hangs out all day with black-haired stud Angel Elias, who takes him home to bring their joyful, festive day to an explosive conclusion. They’re barely inside the door when the two tattooed guys have their hands and mouths all over each other’s bodies. These exhibitionists proceed to put on a live sex show right in front of Angel’s windows, knowing that everyone who can see them will enjoy the view. Cody can’t get enough of Angel’s fat cock, whether it’s down his throat or up his bum. It’s a fierce exchange of sexual energy and power, as Cody is a power bottom and Angel doesn’t mind letting his fuck buddy just climb on top and take control sometimes. But when Angel wants to dominate again, he makes sure to give Cody a pounding to remember. Their intense connection leads to some incredible views, including some spooning that is burned into our brains (and we love it). Things get sweaty, and don’t be surprised if you’re soaking wet by the time it’s all over.

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