Movie Review: Elder Waters Chapters 1-4

This week, Missionary Boyz brings us “Elder Waters Chapters 1-4,” a tale of a young man’s entrance and acceptance into his church’s inner sanctum.

Elder Waters (blond twink Jack Waters) doesn’t understand how he can be so horny for other men and still remain in the church’s good graces. This goes against everything he has been led to believe about the need for sexual purity, for maintaining his status as a virgin. When he asks Bishop Savage (retired fireman turned silver daddy porn star Dale Savage) for some guidance, the older man is pleased to see that he has a chance to show this promising young man what he can expect when he’s anointed—if he can pass the test. Bishop Savage examines Elder Waters’ firm cock through his sacred garments, then the two men strip. The bishop bends over and Elder Waters fucks a man’s ass for the first time!

Elder Waters has all the potential to become one of the brotherhood’s finest new members, but he still has things to learn, and Bishop Savage is greedy for more of that fresh meat. Besides, Elder Waters has to prove that he can receive the holy rod, so to speak. Topping is not the only thing that will be asked of this young man once he enters the brotherhood. He has to demonstrate that he can bottom as well. Bishop Waters inspects the twink’s smooth body, prepares his tight ass with a finger, and then pushes his big daddy dick inside to fuck Elder Waters bareback. The twink is as good at taking raw dick as he is at giving it, and the bishop is more than satisfied that Elder Waters has a bright future in the church.

Now that Bishop Savage has initiated Elder Waters, it’s time for the initiate to meet the President. The newbie dresses in his finest garments to meet President Zick bearded, bald Zaddy Zick). President Zick has heard all about Elder Waters from Bishop Savage, and he is ready to anoint the initiate. After tasting Elder Waters’ hole and sucking his firm cock, the handsome older man takes a blowjob from the cute twink. President Zick finally anoints Elder Waters with a bareback fuck that he will never forget.

With the blessing of two higher-ups in the church, Elder Waters talks about his new position with Bishop Adams (bearded daddy bear Timber Adams), who is thrilled to welcome the initiate to the brotherhood. Bishop Adams has had his eye on Elder Waters, seeing his potential, and now it’s time to taste his sweetness for himself. For his part, Elder Waters is excited to celebrate the sacred faith with such hot older man who can show him even more of what his new life has to offer.

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