Movie Review: FunSize Boy Checkup: Eli and Dr. Wolf

“FunSize Boy Checkup: Eli and Dr. Wolf” is a new AEBN-exclusive release from Fun-Size Boys/Carnal Media. It’s a must-see release for twink lovers, Daddy/boy fans, those with a medical kink, and microphilia fetishists alike.

At just 5’4”, Eli Lincoln is a cute teen twink who’s athletic and fit, but short for his age. He wants to get a medical exam and find out how to grow, so he goes for a checkup with Dr. Wolf, who will be sure to examine him quite thoroughly.

In the exam room, Eli feels his excitement start to grow as the good doctor methodically touches his body, taking his time feeling the cock and balls. Dr. Wolf is a giant next to Eli, and the boy finds himself growing in a specific part of his anatomy because such a big man is giving him such special attention.

For his part, the tall and handsome Dr. Wolf feels something stirring inside at the look and feel of this twink’s body. He’s got a thing for younger guys who are much smaller than himself, and he can’t help noticing that the boy is getting excited as the exam progresses toward his ass. The doctor begins to enjoy the prostate exam as much as the patient does, especially when he hears Eli start breathing faster, then moaning out loud.

Eli’s nervousness about the prostate exam melts away and he stops caring about whether it’s right or wrong to feel so sexually aroused by a doctor’s touch. He’s never had such a hot doctor before, and never been this close to such a tall, powerful man.

The patient and the doctor don’t wait to act on their attraction. After Dr. Wolf takes some body measurements and they have a chat, Eli lies back on the exam table and the doctor uses a dildo to penetrate his ass. Then Eli gets on his knees in front of Dr. Wolf and hungrily sucks his big dick and heavy balls. After kissing passionately, the boy hops back onto the exam table and spreads his legs wide, making his quivering hole available for the older man’s hard cock.

Dr. Wolf fucks Eli bareback in the exam room, not caring if anyone can hear the sounds of their scandalous hookup. Eli and Dr. Wolf both cum all over Eli. In the end, maybe it’s for the best that Eli is such a shortie, because there are plenty of other big men out there who will love fucking him as much as Dr. Wolf does!

Now available exclusively on our adult VOD theater, “FunSize Boy Checkup: Eli and Dr. Wolf” is an excellent addition to the Fun Size Boys catalog.