Movie Review: A Man in Uniform 2

This week’s featured movie, “A Man in Uniform 2” (Icon Male), presents us with different kinds of uniforms, from police to medical to military to restaurant worker. There’s something for many tastes in men and clothes in these four scenes.

When Officer A.J. Sloan goes to his partner Cliff Jensen to blow off steam after a case fell through, Cliff offers more than a sympathetic ear. A.J. starts to unbutton his shirt, saying he feels “trapped,” when Cliff leans in and surprises him with a kiss. Just as quickly, Cliff recoils and apologizes for stepping over the line. A.J. assures him that he liked it, that it made him feel wanted, and the two cops kiss in earnest. Cliff helps A.J. relax into the encounter with a blowjob. After a few long, luscious moments of oral, it’s A.J.’s turn to suck Cliff’s big dick. Lying back on the couch, Cliff holds A.J. by the hips, then by the shoulders, then the waist, really making a connection between the two of them as A.J. rides him in cowgirl position. Even when A.J. turns around for reverse cowgirl, they maintain that bond as A.J. continues to turn and make eye contact with Cliff. As the men move through different positions, Cliff holds A.J. by the thigh, puts his hand around his throat, and in various other ways keeps up the intimate physical contact beyond penetration. This scene boils over and starts the movie on a high note.

Home care nurses Devin Trez and Dylan Hayes chat about their cranky but flirtatious patient, an old man whose photos show that he was handsome in his youth. Devin says he’d consider it if the old man were 20 years younger; Dylan counters with 30 years. Dylan notices that Devin seems to have a sore back and says that maybe he needs to relax. Devin has the perfect way to do so now that their patient is resting for a few hours. If the old man hears them and wakes up, then they can give him a free show. Devin leans in and they kiss tentatively with tongues. The electricity between them sparks to life as they fondle each other through their scrubs. Devin helps Dylan out of his uniform and plays with the twink’s cock and balls, making him pant and moan softly. When Devin pulls his pants down, his uncut BBC bounces out like it’s on springs and Dylan gets on all fours so he can suck him. Devin takes charge, pulling Dylan forward, testing the twink’s deep throating abilities and giving us a great view of Dylan’s ass. Dylan rolls onto his back with his legs in the air, but Devin’s not done fucking his face. Devin later positions Devin on all fours again, teases his hole with a lengthy rimjob, and finally pushes his big dick into Devin’s wet hole. When Dylan has relaxed into the sensation of such a fat dick in his ass, he starts to push back against Devin. Following doggy style, Dylan rides Devin in cowgirl, but this soon progresses to Devin picking Dylan up and holding him suspended at his own waist level to fuck him standing up. Drenched in sweat from their energetic fuck, Devin finishes Dylan and himself off in missionary.

Power top Alpha Wolfe and power bottom Michael Boston are an awesome match as an officer on his third tour of duty and a soldier on his first tour. Michael has questions about how long they have to wait around before being called into action and what they do with their downtime. Alpha introduces the concept of “helping” each other jerk off and more (which Michael has never done before), saying that throughout history, warriors have taken on male lovers as a form of bonding. Michael thinks Alpha is fibbing, but Alpha says he’s not smart enough to make up something like that. This checks out for Michael, who acknowledges that it could make soldiers fight harder to protect each other. “I’ll show you the ropes,” Alpha says for the second time as he pulls down his pants. Michael slowly sinks to his knees, but the new recruit soon takes to sucking cock like a natural. It’s not long before Michael is playing with his own nipples and masturbating as he gives Alpha a hands-free blowjob. Alpha gets Michael to lie on the bed and takes off his socks and pants, pausing to worship each foot. Michael moans with pleasure while Alpha blows him and licks his quivering asshole. When Michael gets on all fours, Alpha buries his face between the soldier’s thick, round butt cheeks for a long time before pushing his raging hard-on in for a doggy style fuck, their dog tags swinging with the thrusting motions. Michael lies stomach down on the bed and looks over his shoulder as Alpha pounds him into the mattress. Later, Michael mounts Alpha and grinds his hips against him as he rides on top, mesmerizing us with the motions of his muscular bubble butt. They finish in missionary, with Michael jerking himself to orgasm before Alpha pulls out and adds his own cumshot to the gooey mess on Michael’s torso. After this scorching first time, these soldiers might wish for an extended stay in their shared room before being called up for action.

Hunter Scott (a bear wearing a polo shirt with bears on it) goes to a café with his girlfriend. When he sees the waiter, Nicholas Adams, Hunter asks her if she’s sure about eating here. She assures him that she is. While she looks over the menu, Hunter checks out thirst traps on his phone that look like Nicholas. When Nicholas comes to take their order, he also recognizes Hunter. When Nicholas returns with their water, he deliberately spills it on Hunter’s girlfriend. As soon as she’s gone to dry off, Nicholas asks if that’s his girlfriend. Hunter asks Nicholas not to tell her and, when Nicholas pulls out his dick, says he’s not having the salmon today because “that looks more like steak.” Nicholas pulls up his apron and Hunter eagerly wraps his mouth around the waiter’s cock. Hunter has been making a meal out of that meat for several minutes when they hear his girlfriend returning. Nicholas yanks his pants up and Hunter dives under the table. Taking Hunter’s seat, Nicholas his girlfriend that Hunter will be right back, and makes small talk about how the men know each other while Hunter continues sucking cock under the table. After Nicholas goes to get their order Hunter pops out of hiding, claiming that he was looking for his vape. His girlfriend accepts this explanation, barely, but has questions about how he knows the waiter. As Hunter tells her he’s seen “that guy” around a few times for about a year, Nicholas prepares special sauce for Hunter’s hot dog. Hunter and Nicholas make eye contact as Hunter noisily enjoys the cum-drenched wiener. While Hunter’s girlfriend messes with her phone, Nicholas drops a note on a napkin off for Hunter that says “RESTROOM.” Hunter leaves while his girlfriend is fixated on her phone, and they pick up where they left off in the bathroom. They take turns pleasuring each other. Then, in front of the bathroom mirror, Hunter bends over and presents his big, inviting ass for Nicholas to fuck him. Finally, Hunter’s girlfriend notices that he’s gone and goes to knock on the bathroom door. Hunter opens it enough to stick his head through and claims he’s not feeling well after eating the hot dog, managing to hold a conversation with his girlfriend while Nicholas is still fucking him on the other side of the door. Nicholas fucks Hunter all over that bathroom, neither of them holding back their grunts and moans of pleasure. After getting fucked raw from behind, side saddle, and doggy, Hunter sits back on the bench and jerks out an enormous, creamy load. As Nicholas sits on the counter, Hunter sucks his cummy cock one last time and they kiss. Hunter’s girlfriend has finally had enough waiting. What will she find when she opens the bathroom door?

“A Man in Uniform 2” from Icon Male is packed with fun scenarios and hot men who really enjoy fucking each other. Stream, rent, or download it now on our adult VOD theater!