Alpha Wolfe

Movie Review: Big Load Movers

 Hot, muscular, gorgeous blue-collar studs are moving a lot more than boxes in Raging Stallion Studios’ “Big Load Movers,” our featured movie of the week.

Handsome employee Beau Butler asks his supervisor, bearded daddy Roman Mercury, for some extra shifts. Roman, ever the horn dog with a taste for hunks like Beau, sees the chance to give his eager employee a “job” to do right away. Beau is happy to show the boss man what he’s capable of, from sucking his big dick to bending over the desk and taking a pounding.

A couple of movers enjoy a break from work when Alpha Wolfe catches his coworker Vander Pulaski masturbating to porn on his phone. Alpha knows he should report Vander for jerking his cock on the clock, but he likes what he sees. The two dark-haired, bearded studs go at each other, flip-fucking in the warehouse.

On another day at the moving company, Alpha gets distracted from unloading his truck when he sees his coworker, Brock Banks, shaking his thick Puerto Rican ass to a song. Brock aims to disrupt Alpha’s day even further by grinding and gyrating up against him. (more…)

Movie Review: A Man in Uniform 2

This week’s featured movie, “A Man in Uniform 2” (Icon Male), presents us with different kinds of uniforms, from police to medical to military to restaurant worker. There’s something for many tastes in men and clothes in these four scenes.

When Officer A.J. Sloan goes to his partner Cliff Jensen to blow off steam after a case fell through, Cliff offers more than a sympathetic ear. A.J. starts to unbutton his shirt, saying he feels “trapped,” when Cliff leans in and surprises him with a kiss. Just as quickly, Cliff recoils and apologizes for stepping over the line. A.J. assures him that he liked it, that it made him feel wanted, and the two cops kiss in earnest. Cliff helps A.J. relax into the encounter with a blowjob. After a few long, luscious moments of oral, it’s A.J.’s turn to suck Cliff’s big dick. Lying back on the couch, Cliff holds A.J. by the hips, then by the shoulders, then the waist, really making a connection between the two of them as A.J. rides him in cowgirl position. Even when A.J. turns around for reverse cowgirl, they maintain that bond as A.J. continues to turn and make eye contact with Cliff. (more…)

Featured Star: Alpha Wolfe

When you see a porn name like Alpha Wolfe, you expect a hot man who radiates a powerful presence and delivers masterful performances. That’s exactly what you get with this week’s featured star, a 6’3”, steely-eyed stud who exploded onto the gay porn scene in 2021.

Alpha quickly staked his claim and lived up to his name with unforgettable performances for major porn studios. Accordingly, he was named Best Versatile Performer at the 2022 Grabby Awards.

One early favorite movie is “Mountain Tops” from Raging Stallion Studios. When Alpha wakes up with morning wood, he finds relief when Chris Damned takes his tight ass for a ride.

“Wrapped” from Falcon|NakedSword shows Alpha’s kinky side with two jaw-dropping scenes in which he wraps Beau Butler in clingfilm, pours hot wax on him, rolls a prickly pinwheel along his flesh, stretches his ass with increasingly large toys, fucks his ass, and more. Alpha and Beau were nominated for Best Fetish Scene at the 2022 GayVN Awards. (more…)

Movie Review: Ride or Die: Hard Time – Director’s Cut

“Ride or Die: Hard Time – Director’s Cut” contains previously unseen hardcore content from the final four episodes of Raging Stallion Studios’ epic “Ride or Die” original series, written by Ben Rush and directed by Tony Dimarco.

At the Riders Correctional Facility outside of Las Vegas, corrupt and twisted warden Cole Connor is wrapped up in a dangerous web of corruption and power plays with the city’s rich and famous men. He makes prisoners pay his debts for him, uses powerful men’s secrets against them, and takes out his wrath on anyone who gets on his bad side, no matter on which side of the bars they stand.

Bearded and tattooed stud Alpha Wolfe, a new prisoner, is an MVP of this film, performing in three of the four scenes. He’s a standout in the jail cell gangbang that opens the flick. To punish inmate Beau Butler for a wild outburst back in episode five, Warden Connor sics Alpha Wolfe, redhead Bennett Anthony, tall top Chris Damned, and muscular hunk Dillon Diaz, on Beau’s boyfriend, bearded hottie Drew Valentino. (more…)

Movie Review: Wrapped

Watch Wrapped on AEBNSometimes clinginess is a good thing. For example, this week’s exclusive new release, “Wrapped,” in which Fetish Force and Falcon|NakedSword deliver a clingy, see-through form of bondage wherein Doms wrap their subs in plastic wrap (aka clingfilm) and put them through a variety of torments using ominous devices.

It’s not the most common fetish subject, and we’d love to see more of it done in such a high quality as this. Directors Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark clearly (no pun intended) have a keen interest in this form of bondage and so do the stars they picked. It hurts so good for these four hot thrill seekers, and they love every wild minute of it.

Wrapped down on a table, beefy Falcon Exclusive Beau Butler strains against his plastic bondage, but you can see the pleasure all over his handsome face as the gorgeous, dominant top Alpha Wolfe puts him through all the treatments that come to his dirty mind: hot wax dripped from a candle, a rolling pinwheel, and devices to train and stretch his ass before Alpha pushes his own fat cock up inside. (more…)

Movie Review: Get a Room Too

Watch Get a Room Too on AEBNThe Cathedral City Boys’ Club (CCBC) is a favorite clothing-optional resort that has been the location for some incredible gay porn scenes—for example, the original “Get a Room” from Raging Stallion Studios. In that fantastic flick, we all got to live vicariously through an all-star cast who were seen cruising and hooking up on every inch of the CCBC grounds. If you loved that movie, you’re going to be just as happy with this week’s exclusive new release, “Get a Room Too,” in which eight gorgeous men find the cum-splashing good times that brought them to this legendary tourist destination.

The five scenes present us with an assortment of visual goodies. There’s something for every taste. If you’d like to see sandy-haired stud Isaac X having a no-strings session of 69 and breeding with chiseled, bearded, dark-haired Alpha Wolfe, scene one has you covered. Muscular, brown-haired hunk Beau Butler’s raw, cummy hookup with big-dick Latin stud Rodrigo Amor is a sweltering spectacle. Two lookie-loos in lawn chairs watch the oiled-up Reign push his BBC deep into Ian Holms’ hairy hole, their oiled-up bodies gleaming in the sunlight, and you can imagine yourself as a fellow voyeur. (more…)