Movie Review: Ride or Die: Hard Time – Director’s Cut

“Ride or Die: Hard Time – Director’s Cut” contains previously unseen hardcore content from the final four episodes of Raging Stallion Studios’ epic “Ride or Die” original series, written by Ben Rush and directed by Tony Dimarco.

At the Riders Correctional Facility outside of Las Vegas, corrupt and twisted warden Cole Connor is wrapped up in a dangerous web of corruption and power plays with the city’s rich and famous men. He makes prisoners pay his debts for him, uses powerful men’s secrets against them, and takes out his wrath on anyone who gets on his bad side, no matter on which side of the bars they stand.

Bearded and tattooed stud Alpha Wolfe, a new prisoner, is an MVP of this film, performing in three of the four scenes. He’s a standout in the jail cell gangbang that opens the flick. To punish inmate Beau Butler for a wild outburst back in episode five, Warden Connor sics Alpha Wolfe, redhead Bennett Anthony, tall top Chris Damned, and muscular hunk Dillon Diaz, on Beau’s boyfriend, bearded hottie Drew Valentino. Is it fair to go after Drew because Beau reacted to what the warden was putting him through? Certainly not, but that’s life under the thumb of the sadistic Warden Connor.

Alpha gets it once more when he pops onto prison guard Drew Sebastian’s radar. Drew, who’s been one of the warden’s most trusted lackeys, thinks that Alpha is the snitch who’s been feeding information from inside the prison to sources on the outside. To punish Alpha for this suspected behavior, Drew corners the convict and subjects him to rough, raw shower sex.

Later, Alpha gets passed to super-rich casino owner Pierce Paris like a party favor. Pierce gets off on feeling even more powerful than he already is, so he has an arrangement with Warden Connor to receive regular visits from the hottest prisoners in Riders. He probes Alpha’s hole with a huge black dildo and wrecks it with his own ten-inch fuck stick, including some rough piledriver action.

Warden Connor finally receives his comeuppance in scene four when Governor Max Konnor visits Riders Correctional Facility and authorizes an undercover FBI agent who’s been posing as one of the prisoners to haul Warden Connor out of the prison into an unmarked car. The car takes Warden Connor out into the desert where Dillon Diaz, athletic stud Reign, and even prison guard Drew Sebastian make him pay for making them pawns in his game. You can feel the pent-up anger and frustration of hundreds of men being channeled through these three men as they have their way with the sadistic warden in an interracial gangbang up against the car while Governor Konnor and others watch. It’s an explosive conclusion to this unforgettable series, satisfying the viewer emotionally as well as sexually, because who doesn’t want to see a prick like Warden Connor get it in the end?

With “Ride or Die: Hard Time – Director’s Cut,” the iconic Raging Stallion Studios delivers yet another smashing fuck flick. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been following the story since the beginning, because the exhilarating bareback intensity of this AEBN exclusive new release is more than enough reason to watch.