Drew Valentino

Movie Review: Big Load Movers

 Hot, muscular, gorgeous blue-collar studs are moving a lot more than boxes in Raging Stallion Studios’ “Big Load Movers,” our featured movie of the week.

Handsome employee Beau Butler asks his supervisor, bearded daddy Roman Mercury, for some extra shifts. Roman, ever the horn dog with a taste for hunks like Beau, sees the chance to give his eager employee a “job” to do right away. Beau is happy to show the boss man what he’s capable of, from sucking his big dick to bending over the desk and taking a pounding.

A couple of movers enjoy a break from work when Alpha Wolfe catches his coworker Vander Pulaski masturbating to porn on his phone. Alpha knows he should report Vander for jerking his cock on the clock, but he likes what he sees. The two dark-haired, bearded studs go at each other, flip-fucking in the warehouse.

On another day at the moving company, Alpha gets distracted from unloading his truck when he sees his coworker, Brock Banks, shaking his thick Puerto Rican ass to a song. Brock aims to disrupt Alpha’s day even further by grinding and gyrating up against him. (more…)

Featured Star: Drew Valentino

Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Drew Valentino is a bearded, furry Italian-American stud from New Jersey whose earliest movies were released in January 2022. His good looks, passionate versatile performances, and big dick made him an instant fan favorite when he appeared in “Ride or Die: Protect and Serve” from Raging Stallion Studios, which was our first look at him as a performer. He has gone on to appear in other movies from the “Ride or Die” series.

In one of his first movies, “Dirty Desert Doctors” from Hot House Video, Drew is a nurse who innocently walks into an exam room and finds his coworker Michael Boston naked and masturbating. It takes almost no time at all for Drew to get in there and help himself to Michael’s muscular bubble butt. When this scene was released, we couldn’t wait to see more of Drew.

In the year since his debut, Drew has kept us satisfied with other performances such as “Scrum: Go Big or Go Home” from Hot House Video and “Bed and Breakfast: The Come Inn” from NakedSword Originals. (more…)

Movie Review: Ride or Die: Hard Time – Director’s Cut

“Ride or Die: Hard Time – Director’s Cut” contains previously unseen hardcore content from the final four episodes of Raging Stallion Studios’ epic “Ride or Die” original series, written by Ben Rush and directed by Tony Dimarco.

At the Riders Correctional Facility outside of Las Vegas, corrupt and twisted warden Cole Connor is wrapped up in a dangerous web of corruption and power plays with the city’s rich and famous men. He makes prisoners pay his debts for him, uses powerful men’s secrets against them, and takes out his wrath on anyone who gets on his bad side, no matter on which side of the bars they stand.

Bearded and tattooed stud Alpha Wolfe, a new prisoner, is an MVP of this film, performing in three of the four scenes. He’s a standout in the jail cell gangbang that opens the flick. To punish inmate Beau Butler for a wild outburst back in episode five, Warden Connor sics Alpha Wolfe, redhead Bennett Anthony, tall top Chris Damned, and muscular hunk Dillon Diaz, on Beau’s boyfriend, bearded hottie Drew Valentino. (more…)

Movie Review: Dirty Desert Doctors

In five scenes that blaze with all the heat of their sunbaked setting, “Dirty Desert Doctors” from Hot House Entertainment satisfies that “thing” you have for medical kink as well as your lust for muscles. Director Trenton Ducati and a star-studded cast of nine make this new release a must see.

Austin Avery has been a bit too enthusiastic with his glass dildo, and he can’t go to an emergency room. Luckily, the good Dr. Max Konnor makes house calls. Max knows just what to do when he finds the sex toy stuck in his patient’s ass. The thing is, Austin is still horny even after all that, and Max is never going to turn down an opportunity to give a patient his best bedside manner. After making the extraction smoothly and carefully, Max gives Austin the TLC his hole needs with his thick ten inches.

All Devin Franco thought he was getting at the vaccination site was his first dose of vaccine, but Dr. Lucca Mazzi takes one look at the gorgeous young man in front of him and wants to give him something extra. (more…)