Movie Review: Dirty Desert Doctors

In five scenes that blaze with all the heat of their sunbaked setting, “Dirty Desert Doctors” from Hot House Entertainment satisfies that “thing” you have for medical kink as well as your lust for muscles. Director Trenton Ducati and a star-studded cast of nine make this new release a must see.

Austin Avery has been a bit too enthusiastic with his glass dildo, and he can’t go to an emergency room. Luckily, the good Dr. Max Konnor makes house calls. Max knows just what to do when he finds the sex toy stuck in his patient’s ass. The thing is, Austin is still horny even after all that, and Max is never going to turn down an opportunity to give a patient his best bedside manner. After making the extraction smoothly and carefully, Max gives Austin the TLC his hole needs with his thick ten inches.

All Devin Franco thought he was getting at the vaccination site was his first dose of vaccine, but Dr. Lucca Mazzi takes one look at the gorgeous young man in front of him and wants to give him something extra. Once the shot has been administered, Devin hangs around for the mandatory 15-minute waiting period. He’s surprised to find that Dr. Mazzi wants to do a physical exam, but he’s happy to submit to the beefy doctor’s big dick before turning around for a flip-fuck to prove that his own cock is in full working order.

When Adrian Hart is at the doctor’s office, he takes one look at the gorgeous Dr. Lucca Mazzi and realizes that this exam is going to be anything but routine. The fun-sized patient strips off his clothes and opens his ass wide for the good doctor’s expert hands to explore. Dr. Mazzi is a little surprised because this wasn’t part of the plan, but he’s got a great bedside manner. The doctor probes his patient with a finger and then warms his hole up with a good rimming. Adrian shows his appreciation by sucking his doctor’s cock—all the better to get fucked with, of course. Dr. Mazzi gives Adrian a deep bareback pounding that concludes with both men shooting huge loads.

Hairy, tattooed hunk Drew Valentino is a nurse who innocently walks into an exam room and finds his coworker Michael Boston totally nude, conducting an intimate self-examination on his asshole. It takes almost no time at all for Drew to get in there and help himself to Michael’s muscular bubble butt. Drew is a newcomer to porn, and based on this scene, we can’t wait to see more. 

When you’re a busy doctor, sometimes the best way to relax after a long shift at the hospital is to have a passionate lover waiting for you at home, as Dr. Cade Maddox has discovered. His boyfriend, slim Latin stud Angel Rivera, is already hard and ready to welcome Cade home. When you see the way Cade confidently delivers his fat cock into Angel’s hungry mouth and greedy hole, you’ll remember again why Cade is one of today’s most popular stars in gay porn.

The “Dirty Desert Doctors” from Hot House will have you feeling better in no time!