Movie Review: Wrapped

Watch Wrapped on AEBNSometimes clinginess is a good thing. For example, this week’s exclusive new release, “Wrapped,” in which Fetish Force and Falcon|NakedSword deliver a clingy, see-through form of bondage wherein Doms wrap their subs in plastic wrap (aka clingfilm) and put them through a variety of torments using ominous devices.

It’s not the most common fetish subject, and we’d love to see more of it done in such a high quality as this. Directors Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark clearly (no pun intended) have a keen interest in this form of bondage and so do the stars they picked. It hurts so good for these four hot thrill seekers, and they love every wild minute of it.

Wrapped down on a table, beefy Falcon Exclusive Beau Butler strains against his plastic bondage, but you can see the pleasure all over his handsome face as the gorgeous, dominant top Alpha Wolfe puts him through all the treatments that come to his dirty mind: hot wax dripped from a candle, a rolling pinwheel, and devices to train and stretch his ass before Alpha pushes his own fat cock up inside. Alpha dominates Beau with sexy confidence for two scenes of sadism, masochism, sex toys, deep throating, and rough sex that you don’t want to miss.

Hot, tattooed jock Isaac X is the next to be wrapped up and treated like a toy. Muscular, handsome Dillon Diaz joins Alpha to team up on Isaac. They wrap him up in extra clingfilm to make sure there’s no escape for their sub before teasing and edging him, taking joy as he begs to cum. Dillon face-fucks Isaac to his heart’s content. Then, living up to his name, Alpha makes sure everyone knows who’s the top dog, wielding a fuck machine that drives deep into both Dillon and Isaac. Dillon gets it from both ends, with Alpha testing his gag reflex and Isaac finally getting the chance to top after being denied the pleasure for what must have felt like an eternity for him.

Arousal and emotions run high and reach explosive conclusions in “Wrapped,” an exclusive from Fetish Force and Falcon|NakedSword.

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