Beau Butler

Movie Review: Healing Hand

With two hot, intense new scenes, Disruptive Films’ “Healing Hand” explores sexual and emotional taboos in unforgettable ways.

Tyler Allman (bearded Daddy Michael Roman) has recently taken a special liking to his cute stepson, Zack Buckner (fun-sized twink Dylan Hayes). Zack’s boyfriend is treating him horribly and needs to be kicked to the curb, but Zack won’t break up with him. When Zack comes home with a black eye, Tyler’s husband of ten years isn’t at home. Tyler calls to let his husband know what’s up, and the husband tells Tyler to do whatever it takes to get Zack to dump the boyfriend. While talking to Zack, Tyler gives the boy a hug and Zack can’t help noticing that his stepdad has a boner. Tyler admits that he’s always hard when he hugs Zack, but usually he only goes in for a sideways hug. Zack is defiant at first, challenging his stepdad to give him something his boyfriend can’t. Tyler calls the boy’s bluff with a confident, commanding show of strength and skills, from blowjob to rimjob to a deep, dynamic bareback fuck in numerous positions. (more…)

Movie Review: Big Load Movers

 Hot, muscular, gorgeous blue-collar studs are moving a lot more than boxes in Raging Stallion Studios’ “Big Load Movers,” our featured movie of the week.

Handsome employee Beau Butler asks his supervisor, bearded daddy Roman Mercury, for some extra shifts. Roman, ever the horn dog with a taste for hunks like Beau, sees the chance to give his eager employee a “job” to do right away. Beau is happy to show the boss man what he’s capable of, from sucking his big dick to bending over the desk and taking a pounding.

A couple of movers enjoy a break from work when Alpha Wolfe catches his coworker Vander Pulaski masturbating to porn on his phone. Alpha knows he should report Vander for jerking his cock on the clock, but he likes what he sees. The two dark-haired, bearded studs go at each other, flip-fucking in the warehouse.

On another day at the moving company, Alpha gets distracted from unloading his truck when he sees his coworker, Brock Banks, shaking his thick Puerto Rican ass to a song. Brock aims to disrupt Alpha’s day even further by grinding and gyrating up against him. (more…)

Movie Review: Blame It on Rio

New this week and boasting six bareback scenes that overflow with male beauty, “Blame It on Rio” is the latest offering from the wildly successful NakedSword X Rhyheim collaboration.

NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler travels to Rio de Janeiro, where he meets nine hot locals who want to use his meaty body like a fuck toy with their huge dicks. One of those men is Andy Rodrigues, a gorgeous Afro-Brazilian rising star who makes an excellent guide to the city of extravagantly sensual men and hot sex. (He’s all over the first half of the movie, and we couldn’t be more grateful for all these chances to see him in action.) Along with Beau and Andy we have the relatively unknown Blessed Boy, Gabriel Coimbra, Marcelo Caiazzo, Markin Wolf, Gael, Samuel Hodecker, Grande Simões, and Alex Rosso. Beau greedily sucks off the line of cocks, and then the tops carry him into the house to pass him around, using him in every imaginable configuration. Gabriel and Gael double penetrate Beau’s ass while the other men jerk off, ready to feed Beau all the cum he can swallow. (more…)

Movie Review: Release Room

In “Release Room,” NakedSword Originals takes us to an extraordinary establishment in Manhattan where you can order up a man like a pizza, choose what you want to do with him, and pick a room where you want it to happen. Nine of the most attractive, charismatic fan-favorite porn stars make this excursion into New York City’s gay nightlife unforgettable, and award-winning director Marc MacNamara captures all the action with beautiful visuals.

Gorgeous Black stud Max Konnor and hairy muscle bear Nick Cranston are the hyper-masc duo on the box cover. Their scene gets the movie off to a fierce start as Max rents Nick so he can blow off some steam – and a big load – after a frustrating date. It’s well after midnight, but Max still has plenty of energy. He gets right down to it, totally owning Nick’s holes with his 10-inch dick. Nick knows just what to do and proves to be a perfect service provider for his customer, bending and stretching and doing everything Max asks with obvious pleasure. Nick has only done a few scenes before this, and Max breaks in his ass with all the heat and intensity that we know and love. (more…)

Movie Review: Your Dad Taught Me

The hillbilly ass bangers from the trailer park are back this week and dirtier than ever! “Your Dad Taught Me” from Ducati Studios and Trailer Trash Boys is our featured movie of the week. If you’re looking for some naughty breeders who are rough around the edges, it doesn’t get much naughtier and rougher than this.

Bearded daddy Drew Sebastian is trying to get some shuteye when a loud banging on his trailer door wakes him up. He opens the door to find Beau Butler, a door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson (they still have those?). Drew takes one look at how good Beau looks in his suit and decides that if he’s gonna have to deal with somebody waking him up and trying to sell him something, he might as well get laid. To Beau’s surprise, this trailer park hick gives him something a whole lot better than a successful sale: a big dick and a hot load up his ass.

Out in the dirty yard in front of his trailer, Greg Riley is trying to lift weights when he sees Isaac X walk by with his shopping cart. Greg asks Isaac if he’d be willing to spot him. Isaac sasses and insults Greg, but reluctantly agrees. (more…)

Movie Review: Wrapped

Watch Wrapped on AEBNSometimes clinginess is a good thing. For example, this week’s exclusive new release, “Wrapped,” in which Fetish Force and Falcon|NakedSword deliver a clingy, see-through form of bondage wherein Doms wrap their subs in plastic wrap (aka clingfilm) and put them through a variety of torments using ominous devices.

It’s not the most common fetish subject, and we’d love to see more of it done in such a high quality as this. Directors Trenton Ducati and Jasun Mark clearly (no pun intended) have a keen interest in this form of bondage and so do the stars they picked. It hurts so good for these four hot thrill seekers, and they love every wild minute of it.

Wrapped down on a table, beefy Falcon Exclusive Beau Butler strains against his plastic bondage, but you can see the pleasure all over his handsome face as the gorgeous, dominant top Alpha Wolfe puts him through all the treatments that come to his dirty mind: hot wax dripped from a candle, a rolling pinwheel, and devices to train and stretch his ass before Alpha pushes his own fat cock up inside. (more…)

Featured Star: Beau Butler

See Beau Butler in action on AEBNWhen Beau Butler signed on as a Falcon|NakedSword exclusive five months ago, viewers were intrigued to see what this blue-eyed, handsome stud with muscles and a light dusting of body hair would bring us. The answer so far has been an increasingly hot progression of scenes that demonstrate his versatile skills.

Beau’s theater background gives him a well-honed ability to perform that was evident in the amateur content that he started shooting in 2020. It wasn’t long before Beau wanted more, so he told his friend Mr. Teddy that he was interested in doing studio porn. Mr. Teddy got Beau in touch with Chi Chi LaRue, who sent Beau’s photos to Tony Dimarco, who then cast him in Raging Stallion Studios’ “Show Hard.” This has been one of Beau’s most popular movies so far, with Sean Maygers nailing him in a rest stop bathroom and later with undercover cop Cole Connor joining Beau Butler and Romeo Davis for a threesome. Based on these incredible performances, Dimarco offered Beau the coveted Falcon|NakedSword contract that he had only dreamed about as a porn fan. (more…)