Movie Review: Healing Hand

With two hot, intense new scenes, Disruptive Films’ “Healing Hand” explores sexual and emotional taboos in unforgettable ways.

Tyler Allman (bearded Daddy Michael Roman) has recently taken a special liking to his cute stepson, Zack Buckner (fun-sized twink Dylan Hayes). Zack’s boyfriend is treating him horribly and needs to be kicked to the curb, but Zack won’t break up with him. When Zack comes home with a black eye, Tyler’s husband of ten years isn’t at home. Tyler calls to let his husband know what’s up, and the husband tells Tyler to do whatever it takes to get Zack to dump the boyfriend. While talking to Zack, Tyler gives the boy a hug and Zack can’t help noticing that his stepdad has a boner. Tyler admits that he’s always hard when he hugs Zack, but usually he only goes in for a sideways hug. Zack is defiant at first, challenging his stepdad to give him something his boyfriend can’t. Tyler calls the boy’s bluff with a confident, commanding show of strength and skills, from blowjob to rimjob to a deep, dynamic bareback fuck in numerous positions. No young guy has ever treated Zack’s smooth hole with such a sexy combination of tenderness and dominance. Tyler leaves Zack breathless and drained of his own cum yet coated in stepdaddy spunk.

Conan Chase (muscular hunk Beau Butler) gets a call from his stepbrother, Isaac Saunders (tall, lean Mason Lear) to come out and visit after Isaac’s wife leaves him. It’s been a while since the bros have spent time together, but Conan is quick to come out and help Isaac figure things out. Right now Isaac wants to sell the house, but Conan advises him to wait, since there’s been a serial killer on the loose in his town. Isaac brushes it off, saying that “three bodies” surely doesn’t qualify. “Four bodies,” Conan corrects him. When it’s time to show Conan to his room, Isaac pounces and drags Conan onto the bed, where he proceeds to plant some hot, dominant kisses on him. After stripping off Conan’s jeans and underwear, Isaac grabs hold of his brother’s hairy, rounded butt cheeks to give him a spanking and an intense rimjob. Conan is almost breathless with surprise and arousal as his stepbrother reminds him of why they could never keep their hands off each other when they were younger and living under their parents’ roof. Isaac is rough, but Conan is ready. With his hands wrapped around Conan’s throat for leverage, Isaac looks on almost smugly as he pounds his brother in doggy position. Conan’s blue eyes go glassy with pleasure as Isaac hits the spot inside him. Throughout their fuck, Isaac indulges his propensity for choking and foot play. There’s one especially hot missionary sequence when Isaac holds Conan by the ankle and presses his face into Conan’s foot. As the brothers lie in bed afterward, Conan can’t help noticing how different Isaac is now, but he’s about to find out just how much his stepbrother has changed.

“Healing Hand” from Disruptive Films is available to rent, stream, or download from our adult VOD theater.