Movie Review: Your Dad Taught Me

The hillbilly ass bangers from the trailer park are back this week and dirtier than ever! “Your Dad Taught Me” from Ducati Studios and Trailer Trash Boys is our featured movie of the week. If you’re looking for some naughty breeders who are rough around the edges, it doesn’t get much naughtier and rougher than this.

Bearded daddy Drew Sebastian is trying to get some shuteye when a loud banging on his trailer door wakes him up. He opens the door to find Beau Butler, a door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson (they still have those?). Drew takes one look at how good Beau looks in his suit and decides that if he’s gonna have to deal with somebody waking him up and trying to sell him something, he might as well get laid. To Beau’s surprise, this trailer park hick gives him something a whole lot better than a successful sale: a big dick and a hot load up his ass.

Out in the dirty yard in front of his trailer, Greg Riley is trying to lift weights when he sees Isaac X walk by with his shopping cart. Greg asks Isaac if he’d be willing to spot him. Isaac sasses and insults Greg, but reluctantly agrees. The problem is, when Isaac stands with his crotch hovering over Greg’s face, Greg gets an unpleasant whiff of whatever is stinking up Isaac’s cutoff jeans. It turns out Isaac just got his turn in the communal shower, so he smells pretty good when he strips down to his nut-hugging briefs. Now Greg can’t wait to get Isaac’s balls in his mouth. Isaac pushes his cock and balls into Greg’s face. Forgetting all about his workout, Greg pulls his own dick out while sucking Isaac’s. After they trade blowjobs, Isaac buries his cock in Greg’s ass doggy style and finishes in missionary position.

Alfonso Osnaya (a handsome Latin newcomer in only his second scene available on our theater) and bearded Liam Skye have to paint over the raunchy graffiti they wrote on the bathroom stalls. When you take two mischievous young guys with sex on the brain and put them in close proximity to each other while they’re standing in their tighty whities and tank tops, certain things are bound to happen. In a matter of minutes, Liam and Alfonso are pulling and stroking at each other’s dicks while sucking face. They take turns blowing each other, then Liam gets Alfonso on his hands and knees to fuck his firm ass. After taking a good pounding, Alfonso takes a turn nailing Liam’s ass and cums inside him. Liam pushes the jizz out of his hole, and then Alfonso decides to push some of it back in with his still-hard cock.

When we join sexy Jack Hunter and newcomer Shae Reynolds, Shae’s already got his slut mouth around Jack’s dick. Who cares about working on whatever they’re supposed to be doing? These boys are too horny to hold back when the urge strikes. Shae couldn’t wait to suck Jack’s meaty cock, and he spends a long time doing it. Then Jack gives Shae some head in return, but what they both really want now is for Jack to fuck the hell out of Shae’s greedy hole.

Early in the morning, Zac Snow knocks on Caine O’Connor’s RV door and says he’s the only one who can help him clean the bathroom. Caine doesn’t really want to go at first, but Zac finally goes along with it. Zac has something to show Caine, and it turns out to be his bare ass. Caine takes one look at Zac’s firm cheeks and suddenly he’s happy to help this little pig bottom just the way he likes it.

Grant Ducati just moved to the trailer park. He’s having a yard sale to buy some new weights and Jonah Wheeler wants to buy his lounge chair. As a friendly gesture to welcome his new neighbor, Jonah throws in a fair bit more than the dollar Grant is asking! We love to see these newcomers to porn showing off what they can do.

Fans of dirty blue-collar boys will especially want to get their eyes on “Your Dad Taught Me” from Ducati Studios and Trailer Trash Boys, new this week on our adult VOD theater.