Alfonso Osnaya

Featured Star: Alfonso Osnaya

This week’s featured star is the gorgeous Alfonso Osnaya, a versatile bottom from Mexico who began performing in 2021. His incredible body and handsome face are obviously what will attract you first, but Alfonso’s onscreen presence and sexual ferocity are on a whole other level, too. (more…)

Movie Review: Assume the Position

Lucas Entertainment’s “Assume the Position” is an absolute fire of a movie, bringing us four scenes of stylish hardcore starring gorgeous men who love man-on-man fucking.

Beautiful Italian stud Kosta Viking has a very handsy photo shoot with Mexican cutie Abraham Shehell and handsome Brazilian Igor Lucios. One thing naturally leads to another, and soon, this gorgeous trio is entangled in a torrid makeout session, then mutual blowjobs, and then a condomless threesome. Igor and Kosta take turns riding Abraham raw in a scene that gets this movie off to a great start.

Recently, “bottomless Brit” Drew Dixon has been exercising his versatility. He’s always loved taking cocks in his ass, but here he’s excited to share the ass of beautiful twunk Shae Reynolds with sexy Smash Thompson. Shae enjoys sucking Smash’s BBC while Drew moves in from behind and fucks him raw. Later, Smash reminds Drew of how good it feels to get fucked. (more…)

Movie Review: Your Dad Taught Me

The hillbilly ass bangers from the trailer park are back this week and dirtier than ever! “Your Dad Taught Me” from Ducati Studios and Trailer Trash Boys is our featured movie of the week. If you’re looking for some naughty breeders who are rough around the edges, it doesn’t get much naughtier and rougher than this.

Bearded daddy Drew Sebastian is trying to get some shuteye when a loud banging on his trailer door wakes him up. He opens the door to find Beau Butler, a door-to-door encyclopedia salesperson (they still have those?). Drew takes one look at how good Beau looks in his suit and decides that if he’s gonna have to deal with somebody waking him up and trying to sell him something, he might as well get laid. To Beau’s surprise, this trailer park hick gives him something a whole lot better than a successful sale: a big dick and a hot load up his ass.

Out in the dirty yard in front of his trailer, Greg Riley is trying to lift weights when he sees Isaac X walk by with his shopping cart. Greg asks Isaac if he’d be willing to spot him. Isaac sasses and insults Greg, but reluctantly agrees. (more…)