Movie Review: Assume the Position

Lucas Entertainment’s “Assume the Position” is an absolute fire of a movie, bringing us four scenes of stylish hardcore starring gorgeous men who love man-on-man fucking.

Beautiful Italian stud Kosta Viking has a very handsy photo shoot with Mexican cutie Abraham Shehell and handsome Brazilian Igor Lucios. One thing naturally leads to another, and soon, this gorgeous trio is entangled in a torrid makeout session, then mutual blowjobs, and then a condomless threesome. Igor and Kosta take turns riding Abraham raw in a scene that gets this movie off to a great start.

Recently, “bottomless Brit” Drew Dixon has been exercising his versatility. He’s always loved taking cocks in his ass, but here he’s excited to share the ass of beautiful twunk Shae Reynolds with sexy Smash Thompson. Shae enjoys sucking Smash’s BBC while Drew moves in from behind and fucks him raw. Later, Smash reminds Drew of how good it feels to get fucked.

When masc top Sergeant Miles hears that cute, shy, submissive bottom Alfonso Osnaya has the hots for him, it’s time for action. Sergeant dominates Alfonso from the moment the scene starts, making him worship his big manly feet. Alfonso eagerly does this and is rewarded with the chance to suck Sergeant’s big dick and then mount it for a hard ride.

Argentinian hunk Nico Zetta has recently met handsome Russian blond Vlad Stark, and the two of them had such an immediate connection behind the scenes that Lucas put them together in a scene. Studio head and porn star Michael Lucas had to get a piece of these two as well, and after Nico and Vlad get frisky in the shower, Nico surprises Vlad with Michael naked and erect in bed, ready to spit-roast Vlad with Nico. This raw 3-way brings “Assume the Position” to a combustive conclusion.

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