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Movie Review: “Hung as Fuck” by Lucas Entertainment

hung as fuck, lucas entertainment, gay, porn, michael lucas, big dick, uncut, bareback, leo alexander, max cameron, rikk york, bryce evans, jake andrews, michael lucas, pedro andreasWho doesn’t love a hot guy with a big dick and an appetite for man sex? That’s really all that a porn flick needs to be good, for most of us, and that’s what Hung as Fuck from Lucas Entertainment delivers in abundance.

Bryce Evans and Jake Andrews are a couple of hot guys who make a great match, and Bryce is keen to breed Jake after finding out he hasn’t been fucked in a while. After Bryce pulls down Jake’s underwear, it takes some effort to wrap his mouth around that fat dick. Jake and Bryce flip-fuck, because Bryce doesn’t want to let Jake be the one having all the bottoming fun!

Max Cameron and Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Model Leo Alexander are two of the most gorgeous men to have appeared in Lucas pictures, so it was only a matter of time before they were put together for a scene. They take turns fucking each other, but truly, the best part is when Max takes his preferred position on Leo’s huge dick. It’s one of the biggest that Max has ever taken on and you’ll definitely want to see how he handles it!

Hugely hung Pedro Andreas takes the dominant role in his scene with the mouthy Rikk York. Pedro just lies back and Rikk goes to work on sucking him, but of course it’s a worthy effort and one that any dick pig would take on gladly. Rikk has a lot to suck on, and he can’t get enough of it… even going ass to mouth!

Returning from scene one, Bryce Evans gets a shot at the gorgeous Michael Lucas himself in the final scene. Although he’s often in the topping role, Bryce loves getting bred, especially by an uncut dick. Michael’s ten-inch meat is more than enough to fill and satisfy his greedy hole!

Hung as Fuck is delicious eye candy, filmed in sunny, gorgeous locations with some of the hottest men you’ll ever see. Watch it exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Leo Alexander   Max Cameron   Rikk York   Bryce Evans   Jake Andrews   Michael Lucas   Pedro Andreas
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment 

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Movie review: Lucas Entertainment’s Bareback Auditions returns!

Bareback Auditions, gay porn, raw porn, gay breeding, michael lucas, adam killian, lucas entertainment, austin chandler, trace kendall, armond rizzo, owen michaels, joseph rough, felipe ferre, david lonnstromLucas Entertainment is holding Bareback Auditions and the result is as hot and hardcore as you could want! First you get to know the guys in brief interviews before their scenes, and then you get to see them in cock-pulsing raw fuck fests as only this top studio can give you.

Beefy top stud Owen Michaels has what it takes to become a Lucas Entertainment favorite: he’s gorgeous, confident, and he likes to be in charge. Trace Kendall is a bottom who loves to be dominated, so he and Owen are perfectly suited to each other. Watching Owen pound Trace’s ass raw is an awesome start to these auditions.

Austin Chandler isn’t new to Lucas, but Latin hunk Armond Rizzo is here to do his first scene with the company and Austin is happy to welcome him bareback style in a hot flip-flop fuck! Beautiful, well-hung Armond is the first to slide his cock into Austin’s hole. Once Austin is doing the fucking, the energy intensifies and Armond is a real champion bottom for being able to take that massive meat and Austin’s aggressive thrusts! This is the couple on the box cover, and if their hotness alone doesn’t entice you, then just know that they have one of the hottest scenes of the movie.

In the spirit of the old “Auditions” movies, Lucas decided to let the two studs in scene three talk amongst themselves before their scene. Hot superstar Adam Killian chats with young, sexy Joseph Rough before some long, lusty oral and a pounding that Joseph won’t soon forget!

Finally, porn legend Michael Lucas reaps the rewards of being the head of this studio when he gets to fuck not one, but two gorgeous men. David Lonnstrom and Felipe Ferre suck and fuck, and Michael alternately fucks one, then the other. The trio’s sexual rapport is so hot and heavy, making for a cum-tastic grand finale to this must-see movie.

Bareback Auditions is streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD theaters.

Stars:   Austin Chandler   Trace Kendall   Armond Rizzo   Adam Killian   Owen Michaels   Michael Lucas   Joseph Rough   Felipe Ferre   David Lonnstrom
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

Kings of New York: Season 1

Kings Of New York: Season 1In New York, there are eight million people who will stop at nothing to fight their way to the top of the heap. It doesn’t matter what particular heap it is. Ambition for fame, control, money, sex, and any other kind of power will lead to dirty deeds in even the purest of hearts. The thing is that Kings of New York: Season 1 isn’t exactly populated with pure-hearted souls. Lucas Entertainment merges mainstream entertainment with the adult world for a new series that’s as edgy as it is sexy.

Those who are at the top of the heap have already sold their souls and they don’t want to give up their kingly thrones. Performer Jessy Ares rises to the top by impressing his boss, club owner Landon Conrad. Lucas Entertainment Exclusive Vito Gallo is a chef who cooks up something hot with fellow culinary artist Rod Daily. Mitchell Rock breaks in Sebastian Rossi, a gorgeous newcomer from the Manhattan world of modeling. Radio host Dr. Adam Killian works out his new patient D.O. Trenton Ducati shows Brice Banyan the ropes in the NYC social scene.

The movie is packed with celebrity cameos: Andy Dick, Lady Bunny, Michael Lucas, Martin Samuel, Derek Saathoff, newly announced RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Bianca Del Rio, Busted, Richie Rich, Derek Hartley, Epiphany, and Acid Betty.

Running Time:   182 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment
Stars:   Rod Daily   Adam Killian   Landon Conrad   Mitchell Rock   D.O.   Trenton Ducati   Vito Gallo   Jessy Ares   Sebastian Rossi   Brice Banyan   Bianca Del Rio   Michael Lucas   Andy Dick   Richie Rich   Epiphany (o)
Categories: Muscles   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

Movie Review: Heat Wave 2

It’s almost time for summer vacation in the northern hemisphere, so why not get inspired with a viewing of Heat Wave 2? These ten beautiful men bask in the heat and sun, getting themselves hot and sweaty as they succumb to their sexual desires. There will be no break in the heat, but the forecast does call for a downpour of creamy white stuff.


Jessie Colter and Rafael Alencar enjoy enthusiastic head from each other in the gentle slap of the tide. On the beach, Rafael licks Jessie from cockhead to asshole and back. Jessie returns the favor, then bends over and takes Rafael’s big, beautiful Brazilian dick in his ass. Speaking of asses, watch Rafael’s when he’s thrusting – it’s almost a perfect half-sphere! Now that’s a bubble butt. After an incredibly hot fuck, Rafael aims his load into Jessie’s mouth, cum-swaps with him as they kiss passionately, and licks up the drops from Jessie’s chest.


Framed by golden sunrise, muscular Adam Killian and Chris Daniels share sultry kisses on the beach. They board a yacht and the ocean’s motion compels them to do more than lock lips. These are two gorgeous male specimens and it would be hard to resist either of them in those tiny briefs hugging their butts and nuts. Chris deep-throats Adam and knows when to pull back. They’re all smiles as they pleasure each other orally, but you can see the exhilaration when Adam pounds Chris in his eager hole.


Ripped Bo Dean and John Magnum are sunbathing, but soon things get too hot so they go inside… where they can get even hotter. By a window, they indulge their taste for oral before Bo starts pounding John’s eager ass. They move to the bed where they can fuck more comfortably. They both cum on John’s abs and chest, and John rubs some into Bo’s chiseled torso as they kiss.


Back on the waterfront, Cavin Knight and JR Matthews start the morning on the pier outside their house with a heavy make-out session leading to traded blowjobs and rimjobs. The main event, of course, is an intense flip-fuck.


Bringing our pack of beach sex scenes to a close are Troy Daniels and power-top Cliff Jensen. Rubbing suntan lotion on each other and frolicking in the ocean gets them frisky, so they head to the pool for a more intimate playtime. By the pool, Cliff feeds Troy’s hungry asshole as much as it can handle.


The second in the Heat Wave series is a beautifully filmed movie full of stunning scenery that’s upstaged by all the gorgeous men. It’s as if the Travel Channel had decided to start throwing in some gay porn with their shows and then decided that the porn is the part that most viewers want to see (which it probably would be, come to think of it).


Stars:   Rafael Alencar   Jessie Colter   John Magnum   Bo Dean   Troy Daniels   Adam Killian   J.R. Matthews   Christopher Daniels   Cavin Knight   Cliff Jensen

Categories: Muscles   Outdoors   Anal   Safe Sex   High Definition

Running Time:   157 minutes

Released:   09/2011

Studio Name:   Lucas Entertainment

Series:   Heat Wave

Director:   Michael Lucas

Movie Review: Assassin

AssassinHe’s the stalwart of gay porn and if Michael Lucas has proved anything with his tireless efforts in front and behind the camera, it’s that longevity is possible even for an industry renowned for a revolving-door workforce.

His Lucas Entertainment studio is back with Assassin, a return to the full-blown story-based porn that Lucas has been revered for. The man himself stars as an emotionless and driven assassin whose solemn life has been dedicated to carrying out the death wishes of others — until he’s caught out making a hit.

There’s a fair line-up of hot co-stars in the film too, with the likes of Wilfried Knight, Rafael Alencar, and Junior Stellano ensuring the ensemble is nothing to scoff at.

Unmissable scenes include the introductory offering, wherein Stellano and sexy boy toy Brad Star hook up. Brad wastes no time getting onto his knees and getting Junior’s thick cock before Junior lies across his desk, letting Brad plunge his dick to the back of his throat.

Brad is soon climbing onto the desk and spreading wide on all fours so Junior can get his tongue into his tight hole. But it’s Brad who bends Junior over the desk and fucks him deep first before Junior lies back onto the desk and has Brad climb on top to ride his rock-hard tool.

Seeing Brad bust his load onto Junior’s furry chest is awesome stuff.

It wouldn’t be fair not to address the hot finale either, which has Lucas’ assassin hooking up with muscle-stud Adam Killian. Lucas drills his ass beautifully, but it’s the passion between this duo that really steals the scene. Unmissable action.

Gentlemen: Men In Suits

Gentlemen: Men in SuitsLucas Entertainment sells fantasies of erotic glamour in which luxury and power are as much of a turn-on as the hard, naked flesh. Putting a man in a suit can make him even sexier while playing into those daydreams of luxury and power, which is why it’s natural that Lucas does movies like Gentlemen: Men in Suits. These models are already as attractive as can be, so get ready to spill many loads over this one!

Adam Killian sneaks up on Cavin Knight, who’s reading a newspaper. They kiss lovingly and head to the privacy of home, where they suck face and fondle each other through their fine suits. Cavin has a long taste of Adam’s cock through the fly of his trousers as Adam slowly undresses, using his necktie to pull Cavin closer. Adam blows Cavin, whose cock perches atop the pulled-down waistband of his Armani boxer briefs. Still mostly dressed, they move on to rimming and oral. At first they fuck with their button-down shirts still on, but by the end, they’re nude and Cavin is drenched in sweat and cum! As Adam and Cavin take turns fucking each other, their playful passion feels as authentic as if we were watching real boyfriends fucking away the tensions of their work days.

The impeccably dressed John Magnum and Ryan Driller meet at a newsstand. Ryan in particular should grace the cover of a men’s magazine in his black suit, white shirt, and black tie with a black and white pocket square. John’s adjusting his white silk tie in the mirror when Ryan kisses him from behind. They service each other through the flies of their trousers, with John proving to be an adept deep-throater. Ryan pulls John’s trousers down to rim him, but grips his suspenders like a leash – sexy! Then, true to his name, Ryan drills John’s hole, slowly but intensely, in three positions. John cums not long after Ryan has moved him into missionary for deeper thrusts. Soon Ryan shoots a thick load onto John’s face.

Arpad Miklos and Steven Daigle check each other out on the sidewalk and head up to Steven’s place to fuck. Maybe you can’t take the cowboy out of the man, but you can take the cowboy out of the jeans and spruce him up in a suit. Not since he left reality TV for XXX has Steven been so sexy. He and Arpad gradually undress down to their shirts as they hungrily kiss and blow each other. Arpad spreads Steven’s firm ass and fingers that hole, spitting on it, to get him ready. Steven gets more excited by the minute as Arpad thrusts into him. He cums impressively hard and far, followed by Arpad adding his load to the mess on Steven’s abs. This is another scene with true passion.

Redhead Ryan Patrick is already fondling himself in the mirror when RJ Alexander arrives. RJ plays with Ryan’s foreskin while sucking him, and they fuck with their sharp suits still mostly in place. This scene is one for those who like facial hair, as both men have attractive scruff.

Alessio Romero, wearing a black coat over his brown suit, meets Conner Habib on a sidewalk. They kiss and nuzzle each other for a moment before heading into an apartment for much more explicit affection. They trade luscious, deep-throating blowjobs before they flip-flop fuck. Lucky Conner is first and last to top, because Alessio just can’t get enough of his hard dick in his ass!

Watching these smartly attired, sexy men kissing and pawing at each other’s suits will be a cock-twitching thrill. Sometimes sex appeal really is all about what goes on before you even get undressed, as Michael Lucas & co. clearly understand.

Urine Fist Fest

Urine Fist FestMichael Lucas is a man of extremes – whether it be budget or subject matter in regards to his films. But this is certainly one of the more fetish-laden features we’ve seen from the porn master behind Lucas Entertainment.

“Urine Fist Fest” is filled with horny Euro boys at their true filthiest. We’re talking extreme penetration, pissing, the works. Lucas himself even makes an appearance in the kinky film, dispensing his golden fury all over young Brice Farmer.

One of the biggest surprises is fan favorite Peto Coast making an appearance in the movie. Usually a star in porn of the condomless type, it’s great to see him in a mainstream feature – albeit a particularly dirty one – to suit his extreme pleasures.

In scene three, he’s coupled with hot muscled Aaron Mark, who is incredibly piss thirsty – a thirst Peto seems only too willing to appease. When the golden shower fun is over, Peto fucks Aaron with his famous monster cock as the two splash and fuck in what can only be described as watersports heaven.

Fisting fans shouldn’t go past scenes two and four, for all their stretching needs. The couples in those scenes are just as wired for kinky fun as their piss-loving counterparts.