Featured Star: Beau Butler

See Beau Butler in action on AEBNWhen Beau Butler signed on as a Falcon|NakedSword exclusive five months ago, viewers were intrigued to see what this blue-eyed, handsome stud with muscles and a light dusting of body hair would bring us. The answer so far has been an increasingly hot progression of scenes that demonstrate his versatile skills.

Beau’s theater background gives him a well-honed ability to perform that was evident in the amateur content that he started shooting in 2020. It wasn’t long before Beau wanted more, so he told his friend Mr. Teddy that he was interested in doing studio porn. Mr. Teddy got Beau in touch with Chi Chi LaRue, who sent Beau’s photos to Tony Dimarco, who then cast him in Raging Stallion Studios’ “Show Hard.” This has been one of Beau’s most popular movies so far, with Sean Maygers nailing him in a rest stop bathroom and later with undercover cop Cole Connor joining Beau Butler and Romeo Davis for a threesome. Based on these incredible performances, Dimarco offered Beau the coveted Falcon|NakedSword contract that he had only dreamed about as a porn fan. Since then, Beau has gone on to make some memorable movies under the Falcon|NakedSword umbrella.

In Raging Stallion Studios’ “Mountain Tops,” Beau learns that the best part of waking up is… Devin Franco’s dick ready to fuck his ass. Another

“Work from Home” from Falcon Studios takes the lemons of our global situation and turns them into lemonade, as a cast full of gorgeous men get the most out of their extremely short commutes by fitting more sex into their day. And then there’s Tristan Hunter, who loses his job and decides to make amateur porn at home. A bareback threeway with Beau and Zario Travezz should be a huge moneymaker for Tristan and friends.

Beau starts off his time in “Get a Room Too” (Falcon) by bottoming for Rodrigo Amor. Then he gets passed around like a party favor between Alpha Wolfe, Isaac X, and Chris Damned. It’s easy to see why this is Beau’s most popular movie at the moment.

With Fetish Force’s hot BDSM flick “Wrapped” just over the horizon, we expect even more fabulous performances from Beau Butler!

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