Featured Star: Daddy Adam Russo

Even amongst all the horny exhibitionists in the gay porn world, Adam Russo is a standout example. This hyper-masculine stud has been showing off his toned, furry body and versatile sexual skills in an impressive array of bareback scenes since 2010.

With an explosive onscreen chemistry that isn’t just for show, Adam and Cutler X might be at their hottest when they’re performing together. In “Big Cocks and Deep Holes” from Breed Me Media, Adam gives up his bubble butt to the powerful black stud—in Cutler’s first bareback scene, no less! In the same flick you can also see Adam topping Dylan Saunders.

Dark Alley Media’s beloved leather fetish classic, After Shock, features Adam in a jaw-dropping, ball-draining scene. In his private dungeon, Chase Coxxx collects porn stars for his own private pleasure. Adam’s locked up in there, waiting for a good breeding and seeding. Chase straps Adam into a harness, feeds him his black monster cock, stuffs his hole with it, and finally fills him with hot, sloppy cum.

Adam never holds back his dominant side when he tops. In “Fucked by Daddy Adam Russo,” Adam gives trans man Trip Richards the kind of hard, deep pounding he craves and needs.

You don’t want to miss Adam in his latest and most-watched scene, the brand new release from Iconmale titled “Daddies Loving Boys.” The passion that Adam and young Wolf Hudson bring to their performances is a testament to what great porn stars both of them are. Combined with the sheer eye candy that both of these men are, it’s simply an exquisite viewing experience.

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