Featured Star: Markus Kage

See Markus Kage in actionThis week’s featured star is beefy, tattooed Markus Kage, a retired professional fighter from Canada who has turned his muscles and well-honed athletic skills to a different arena: your screen, where you can see him shine as a versatile top.

When Masqulin/PornPlays released “Markus Kage: First Time” in late 2019, Markus was an instant sensation among gay porn fans everywhere. He’s a boxer whose match is cancelled, which leads him down a lucrative but somewhat sketchy new online side hustle called Friendly Fire. Also in this flick, he enjoys a threeway with Jay Dymel and Ryan Stone as well as a kinky hookup with Alex Mecum. Find out why this movie was an XBIZ Gay Movie of the Year nominee.

Markus’ other work with Masquilin ranks highly in our list of personal favorites, too. One such movie is “Igor Romani,” which finds him topping the titular stud, a gorgeous Romanian. More recently there’s “The Cum Dump,” in which he tops sexy Jeremy London.

If the pairing of Markus and Jeremy really does it for you, then you’ll be excited to see these two together again in “Social Dickstancing” from Men. When Jeremy has a video meeting with his boss, he only puts on a professional-looking shirt, but keeps it casual from the waist down… now that’s what we call lockdown realness. Meanwhile, his boyfriend Markus feels playful and horny. The possibility of playing with Jeremy and making him try to keep a straight face on his video call is too irresistible.

Raging Stallion Studios has also featured Markus in some of its most exciting flicks. “Loaded: Muscle Fuck” sees him fiercely dominating hunky bearded ginger Riley Mitchel’s ass.

With just a few movies on our adult VOD theater as of this writing, Markus Kage has already managed to win over lots of horny fans!

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