Featured Star: Noah Brooks

Noah BrooksWith his versatility and that undeniably cute face, twinky Noah Brooks sure gives us a lot to love. Having a cut 7.5-inch dick only adds to his appeal. Noah identifies as bisexual and we’re pretty sure there are lots of women who wouldn’t say no to him, but ladies, we want him all to ourselves! When gay porn fans first saw Noah in 2011, they ate this creamy little twinkie right up. When he makes those slightly cocky come-hither faces like the one you see in this picture, with that one eyebrow jacked up just a little higher than the other, mouth open with lips so juicy and ready to bite, Noah is practically screaming “Come and get it!” See, he’s even got his nice thick cock and smooth, round balls out and ready for you to taste them. He’s got a little fratboy thing going on, and he can seem just a little bit cocky but if you looked like he does, wouldn’t you be? It’s a huge turn-on for a lot of us.

Noah is originally from Utah, and in some ways the fact that he comes from a conservative environment makes him all the more irresistible — he makes it so easy to imagine you’re the lucky one who gets to fuck his ass first. When Noah arrived on the porn scene he was so ready to be corrupted and we’re all happy to watch his innocence being chipped away with every new scene. (We can especially recommend “Skater Punks” and “Fratboy Blondes,” two of his latest movies since becoming a Helix model.) Even when the veneer of inexperience is gone, Noah will still have that hot body and good-looking face to make us want to watch him. In his spare time he enjoys music, movies, sports, and working out at the gym almost every day… his dedication to physical fitness really shows!

Skater Punks Fratboy Blondes Fratboy Fantasy Fuck

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