Featured Stars: The Maverick Men

The Maverick MenYou might already recognize the Maverick Men as a pair of hot and horny manly men named Cole Maverick and Hunter “Maverick Man” from MaverickMan22 Productions. The playful couple have been in love and lust for more than ten years and one of the ways they keep the passion alive is by filming their sexy adventures with the hot men they meet. Whether they’re going camping or clubbing, Cole and Hunter always take their camera along and it has helped them make great friends in their travels. All the guys they fuck in their videos are Maverick Men fans who have gotten in touch with them. Some of their fuck buddies have so much fun they come back for more!

By doing all their own filming and editing, the Maverick Men are able to maintain the real and consistently spicy flavor that their fans know and love. They cast the kinds of amateur guys who turn them on the most: honest, open guys with a positive attitude. Cole and Hunter really get off on men who are scruffy and masculine men or boyishly sweet, but fem guys who are extremely sexy sometimes pique their interest. Cole and Hunter love eager-to-please bottoms who share their hunger for wild sex in unusual places. As alpha male tops, the Maverick Men especially like to find other dominant tops — or even straight guys — who are willing to bottom for the first time for them!

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