Get into handsome, hung top Sebastian Kross

sebastian kross, sebastian cross, huge dick, gay porn star, bisexual guy, bi guy, tattooed manCompact and built like a gymnast, Sebastian Kross is big exactly where it counts! His cut cock is seven and a half inches of hardness that must feel amazing in the mouth… or in that other greedy hole, which is what makes him such a hot top. Sebastian’s tattoos are almost as bright as his sexy blue eyes. Those traits along with his boyishly handsome face earned him comparisons to superstar Jake Bass early on, but he’s already set himself apart from all other studs with a string of jaw-dropping performances, and it hasn’t even been a year in the business for him yet!

This northern California native started doing porn last year at age 21 after his eventual agent, Trenton Ducati, spotted him at a club and asked for his contact information.

Sebastian’s first movie was a hell of a way to introduce himself to the world. Krossfire from Falcon Studios isn’t just his first time fucking in front of a camera; it’s also only the second man-on-man sexual experience of his life! This landmark event occurs with Colton Grey in an intense, relentless fuck. Later, Sebastian returns with muscular Sean Zevran in a scene that concludes with copious amounts of cum.

Two months later Sebastian followed this up with a pair of explosive scenes in Falcon’s Double Kross. Sebastian first conquers the well-hung Chris Bines, and together they get their whole-body workout for the day with an energetic fuck. Later, Sebastian dominates popular stud Ryan Rose in a sweaty, spunk-showering finale.

Recently Sebastian has been one of the best things about Falcon’s hot Tahoe series, with scenes in Cozy Up and Keep Me Warm.

Hot House Entertainment paid tribute to the time-honored gay men’s tradition of seeking out fuck partners in Cruising for Ass. Sebastian is hanging out in the alley and so horny that he passes the time jerking off, at least until Casey Moore cruises by and gives up his hot ass to Sebastian’s big dick!

In Naked Sword’s On the Lookout, Sebastian parades his hot body in front of his apartment window, playing with himself while looking for someone to fuck. Soon he and Killian James are hooking up, and lucky Killian gets a good hard rogering from that big dick!

Sebastian is a raver who lives by the PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) mantra. He’s bisexual in real life and loves watching amateur porn most of all.

With every new scene, Sebastian Kross makes us fall more deeply in lust.

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