I Want Your Love, Coming April 2013!



I Want Your Love
After years of treading water in freewheeling San Francisco, a young gay man prepares to move back to his roots in the Midwest. During his last weekend in town his friends, roommates and ex-lovers throw him a party that brings his already bittersweet feelings about leaving into sharper focus. Torn between his creative dreams and the reality of earning a living, he’s forced to take responsibility by redefining what it means to be an artist, a gay man, and an adult. Expanded to feature length from an award-winning 2010 short film of the same name, I Want Your Love dares to capture the uncensored zeitgeist of modern-day San Francisco unlike any film before it.

In 2011, filmmaker Travis Matthews came to NakedSword with an idea for an unconventional film that would blend real people with real sex. That film, I Want Your Love, has now toured festivals, been written up in the New York Times and Variety, and been praised by filmmakers and audiences alike as a landmark in gay cinema. On March 1, 2013, it finally comes home – and to you. I Want Your Love will make its online debut exclusively at NakedSword!

With my films I have always sought to capture honest and intimate depictions of modern gay life with everyday men. And It was during the filming of my documentary series, In Their Room (2009-present), that I started to see all of these small -but important- narratives of contemporary gay urban life that were largely being overlooked in film. Inspired, I began writing the first draft of I Want Your Love.

I wanted to accomplish a lot with what would become my first feature, and at the top of my list was to place characters in situations that felt honest and relevant to the people I knew. This involved a throughline of intimacy and that meant not shying away from sex. Sex can be employed to do a million different things, but most notably it’s used to get people off. I wanted to expand on that and to use it as a tool to show character development, interpersonal issues, intimacy, playfulness and something overall closer to the reality I’m familiar with.

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