Movie Review: Across the Way

“Across the Way,” our featured new release, is the latest film from the groundbreaking gay adult studio known as Disruptive Films. The two scenes deliver all the passion and incredibly beautiful-looking sex that we’ve come to know and love from Disruptive.

Hank Blackwell, played by silver Daddy Lance Charger, has begun to feel his age every time he encounters his sexy young neighbor Cameron Hunter, played by fun-sized Black hunk Adrian Hart. The two men live in a complex with a pool where Hank enjoys his daily newspaper and coffee, and Cameron likes to relax in the morning sun.

One morning, Hank watches Cameron from the other side of the pool as the younger man sensually rubs oil across his muscular physique. Aroused yet insecure, Hank retreats to his apartment, where he disrobes in front of a mirror and critiques his own body and face. Anyone could tell Hank that he’s a DILF, but sometimes a man needs more than a compliment to feel better about himself. Hank gets in bed and quickly jerks off to a picture while thinking about Cameron.

The next day, Cameron brings Hank the newspaper that was mistakenly delivered to him. Hank bashfully thanks Cameron and says he’s probably too young for the morning coffee and newspaper ritual, but Cameron laughs it off. Then Hank invites Cameron in for a drink and a chat. On the sofa Hank listens, wide-eyed, as Cameron says he prefers older men because they’re hot, and more attentive than young “fuck boys” with egos and disinterest in commitment. Cameron puts his hand on Hank’s knee and says he’s had a thing for him for the whole six months he’s lived there, but he never thought Hank would be interested in a younger guy. Hank laughs and says he thought Cameron was out of his league.

Sweetly, Cameron asks Hank if he can kiss him. Hank says yes and takes another swig of orange juice before they fall into a passionate kiss. They take each other’s clothes off and kiss their way down each other’s bodies. Cameron pulls Hank’s jeans down and orally worships his hard cock, but it’s not long before Hank is eager to return the favor. Hank eats Cameron’s ass, too. Cameron gives Hank another suck and turns around so Hank can slide his big daddy dick inside his ass. After getting fucked in doggy and taking a ride on top, Cameron takes his turn fucking Hank. The flip-fucking in this romantic and powerfully erotic scene shows that each man is beautiful to watch, whether he’s topping or bottoming. After he cums inside Hank in missionary, Cameron mounts Hank in reverse cowgirl and rides him till the older man unloads in his ass. Cameron raises up and pushes all the thick jizz in a stream down onto Hank, then slides his cummy ass back down onto Hank’s dick.

After this scorcher of a scene, Cameron is sure to be delivering Hank’s paper to him more often.

Ginger, bearded DILF Riley Mitchel has a son who’s gay. One day, Riley’s son has some friends over for a small, casual party at the family’s nice house with its huge backyard. In the hot tub, Riley seems a little wistful as he tells the three guys in the tub with him that it wasn’t like this when he was young, when being openly gay was less common and you didn’t see many public displays of affection. His son’s friends tell Riley that these days, you can be whatever you want. Two of the guys leave Riley alone in the water with gorgeous twunk Elliot Finn, who listens to Riley explain that he and his wife are seldom that affectionate with each other now because they’re so focused on work, parenting, the house, etc. Elliot flirtatiously tells Riley he’s heading inside, and they should “catch up,” leaving no question of what he means by giving Riley a peck on the cheek.

“What am I doing?” Riley asks himself as he considers the offer. “Fuck it,” he answers himself as he hops out of the tub and follows Elliot inside.

Elliot smiles as Riley joins him in a bedroom, where it’s quickly apparent that being attracted to men runs in the family. The younger man shows the daddy what he’s been missing all these years. After they share a hot kiss, Elliot kisses his way down Riley’s body, tongue-tickles his nipples and gives the shaft of his huge dick some long, slow, sensual licks. Riley’s eyes roll back in his head as the young stud orally engulfs him and shows him that a gay man can give him the best blowjob of his life. Elliot grins knowingly as Riley sets his wedding ring on the bedside table. While Elliot takes as much of that thick and long daddy dick down his throat as possible, Riley runs his fingers through the twunk’s short dark hair. A moment later, Riley holds Elliot’s big dick in his hand and hesitates a moment before getting his first taste of another man’s meat. Elliot leans back on his knees and one hand, his muscular ass flexing gorgeously as he enjoys being the recipient of Riley’s first blowjob.

After the daddy and the twunk sixty-nine each other, Elliot gets on all fours so Riley can eat his ass. Elliot sinks further onto the bed as Riley penetrates his hole and begins to thrust. The young man’s tight, hot ass feels so good Riley grabs Elliot by the hips for a better leverage as he fucks harder and deeper. Riley watches and feels the twunk’s lips wrapped around him once again for an ATM blowjob between positions, and you get the sense that he could almost pop then and there, but he holds it back and drills him some more. After they both cum, Elliot heads for the shower. Riley lies back with his wedding ring back on, only it doesn’t quite seem to fit the same way as it did before.

Disruptive Films’ “Across the Way” takes the studio in a different direction from most of its previous releases. We’ve seen them explore forbidden and often disturbing scenarios with incredible, satisfying stories that make us wonder how depraved we are underneath it all. Now we’ve had just as much of a great time letting Disruptive show us their sweeter side. As porn viewers, we can’t wait to see what Disruptive brings us next!