Movie Review: Bed Sharers

bed sharers, next door raw, bareback, Ty Thomas, Tom Bentley, Nate Stone, Johnny Hill, Alex Grand, Archer Hart, Jacob Peterson, str8 baitIn Next Door Raw’s newly released Bed Sharers, the intimacy of a single bed creates all the sexual tension you’d expect, which leads to all sorts of shenanigans!

Johnny Hill and Jacob Peterson have to share a hotel bed. Jacob sleeps in the nude, and when Johnny rolls over in his sleep, he starts to fondle and finger Jacob’s ass, moaning and murmuring in his sleep about “pussy.” When Johnny turns on his back, still asleep, he tells Jacob to suck his dick (thinking he’s talking to a woman). Jacob doesn’t need to be asked twice. Johnny wakes up with Jacob’s mouth on his cock and doesn’t understand what’s happening. After the awkwardness passes, Jacob resumes blowing Johnny, who can’t believe how good it feels. Johnny sucks Jacob in return and then fingers his hole again. This time he takes it to the next step, fucking his friend bareback. It turns out Jacob has experience riding a dick and Johnny finds that fucking man ass feels as good as fucking a woman, if not better!

When Johnny Hill moves into a new apartment with Archer Hart, he gets help from his new roommate with putting the mattress on the bed. Johnny thinks it needs to be broken in as soon as possible, before there are even any sheets on it. Archer thinks Johnny’s kidding, but soon finds out that’s not the case as Johnny yanks off his pants. Johnny wants to show his appreciation for Archer’s help, which starts with tasting his cock and ass. They progress quickly from blowjobs and rimming to Johnny fucking Archer bareback and pasting him with his hot load.

Tom Bentley is irritated to find that his roommate, Ty Thomas, keeps expecting him to do all the laundry. Ty is napping on his bed with his fly is open and Tom’s annoyance turns to arousal. Tom licks and nuzzles Ty’s left nipple for a minute before moving down to Ty’s rock-hard cock. Ty wakes up with his roommate’s hot, wet mouth enveloping his erection. Once he gets over his surprise, Ty pulls off his jeans and says he’ll let Tom suck his dick because he does his laundry all the time. Tom’s oral skills get Ty excited enough to return the favor and then fuck Tom’s ass. After pounding Tom in several positions, Ty jizzes on Tom’s ass and spills a lot of it on the sheets—more laundry for Tom, of course!

Alex Grand visits his best friend Nate Stone to talk about his girlfriend troubles. Nate thinks his friend isn’t being honest about what he wants or needs. While Nate gives Alex a shoulder massage, something awakens in them both. Alex realizes that his girlfriend would never do something like this for him. The healing touch gets Alex worked up and the two friends quickly head to Nate’s bed. Pulling down Alex’s pants, Nate sucks his stiff cock. When Alex takes his turn to suck Nate, he can’t believe his friend has such a big dick. As Nate rides him, Alex forgets his troubles and his supposed straightness. The best friends fuck in numerous configurations before unleashing big loads of jizz.

Bed Sharers from Next Door Raw is streaming exclusively on the AEBN VOD Theater.

Stars:   Ty Thomas   Tom Bentley   Nate Stone   Johnny Hill   Alex Grand   Archer Hart   Jacob Peterson
Studio Name:   Next Door Raw 

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