Movie Review: Big Brother Fuckers

Watch Big Brother Fuckers on AEBNFuck Champ Robinson’s brand-new release this week is our featured movie. “Big Brother Fuckers” will have you feeling fraternal as these “brothers” get together for some freaky fun. If you’ve ever had a mentor, a big brother figure, who made you feel an attraction that was too right to be wrong, then you’ll find plenty to enjoy in these scenes.

Scene one starts the show on an exciting note as Champ, Xavier Arroyo, and Atlas Grant get their nuts in an interracial threeway. Xavier has a pole for each hole when he takes on sexy black stallion Champ and muscle bear Atlas!

Tall, muscular daddy Dolf Dietrich is feeling some brotherly lust for Joelsomeone, and the feeling is mutual. Joel lies on his back and hangs his head off the edge of the bed for an upside-down blowjob. Things get kinky when Joel sucks Dolf’s toes. Now rock-hard, Dolf raw-fucks Joel’s greedy hole.

Seth Knight and Dillon Diaz kiss and strip each other naked on a couch. Dropping to his knees, Seth engulfs Dillon’s big dick with his hungry mouth. Passionately groping and embracing each other, they move into doggy position and Dillon licks Seth’s ass before plunging his cock inside. Dillon fucks his brother in all the ways that really hit the spot, then turns around and takes a drilling in return.

Newcomers Cash Logan and Dicky Von James meet for a bonding session. Cash came prepared in a jockstrap, all the better to give Dicky easy access and a handle for those deep, powerful thrusts.

We love to see these “brothers” cement their special bond with semen! “Big Brother Fuckers” from Fuck Champ Robinson is now streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Starring: Champ Robinson, Seth Knight, Dolf Dietrich, Atlas Grant, Xavier Arroyo, Joelsomeone, Cash Logan, Dillon Diaz, Dicky Von James
Studio: Fuck Champ Robinson