Movie Review: Big Dicks Going Deep 3

Watch Big Dicks Going Deep 3 on AEBNSome fan favorite Cockyboys Exclusives, a couple of newcomers, and one of the most popular daddies are all here in “Big Dicks Going Deep 3.” Everyone who appreciates XL man meat will want to see it.

Olivier Robert, a “roux” (French ginger) gets famous silver daddy Manuel Skye all to himself in the movie’s opening scene. The lucky redhead has taken on big dicks before, but it’s safe to say that this raw romp will be one that he remembers for a long time, based on his vocal reactions and his body language when Manuel’s thrusts hit the deepest parts of his ass. For his part, Manuel is looking as fine as ever and right from the start he’s eager to get his hands, mouth, and dick all over Olivier’s rear end (which he compliments as being like a dancer’s ass). Manuel is dripping pre-cum as soon as he pulls out his dick, and Olivier savors the salty flavor of it with his tongue. After skull-fucking Olivier for a while, Manuel leads him to the bed. They fuck in all sorts of challenging positions that Manuel is known for, including reverse doggy. Olivier’s load is huge and Manuel cums twice in this electrifying scene.

Cockyboys Exclusive Carter Dane welcomes newcomer Raphael Louis with open arms and ass. Raphael says that he’s intimidated to be shooting with Carter, but he doesn’t need to be with a fat cock like that. These two sexy Canadians have a lot of mutual attraction going on, and Raphael is very much into the way Carter woos, kisses, worships, and finally dominates him. The men take turns rimming and blowing each other. Carter presents his ass to Raphael, who lovingly tongue-tickles the hole and then takes the initiative to push his big dick inside. There’s no trace of Raphael’s shyness as he and Carter each seem to know exactly what the other wants and needs from this first time together. Judging by the big, messy loads they both unleash, it looks like it won’t be their last time!

Zeke Wood is a cute California boy who loves riding surfboards, skateboards, and hard cocks. His attitude is both laid back and ready for anything when he meets Cockyboys Exclusive Tayte Hanson. Tayte makes a point of discovering all of Zeke’s turn-ons as he kisses, licks and sucks his way up and down that muscular body, and it pays off over and over again during this scene that boils over from the heat between these two gorgeous men. If your own turn-ons involve lots of cock-and-ball worship, then this one should drive you wild. After the foreplay pushes Zeke over the edge, Tayte quickly brings his new fuck buddy back to full hardness for an incredible, often acrobatic flip-fuck that ends in huge cumshots for both of them.

Dark-haired Troye Jacobs and blond Zach Astor are tasty twinks who indulge their love of morning sex in the last scene. Zach teases Troye’s dick as it grows and stiffens. As Troye moves from nuzzling Troye’s nuts to taking out that bulging package and sucking it, both guys pant and moan in ways that stir something inside you. Zach lightly smacks his erect penis against Troye’s face, encouraging Troye to slobber all over it. The oral sex is especially exciting because these boys love to suck and rim in 69. Zach soon takes charge and penetrates Troye, then relentlessly thrusts and pounds him. Out of all their positions, the hottest is missionary because of the way they look into each other’s eyes as they fuck. Zach makes himself blow a huge load all over Troye’s mouth and face, which sends Troye into a body-quivering, cum-shooting orgasm.

“Big Dicks Going Deep 3” is a scorching new release on our adult VOD theater. Don’t miss it!

Stars:   Carter Dane   Manuel Skye   Zach Astor   Troye Jacobs   Zeke Wood   Raphael Louis   Olivier Robert   Tayte Hanson
Studio Name:   Cockyboys

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