Movie Review: Boys Will Be Boys

An all-star cast convenes in Miami for “Boys Will Be Boys,” the latest release from Cockyboys. The party goes on day and night for these studs.

In the morning, Derek Kage and Lane Colten make breakfast of each other’s meat. Derek knows that someone else in the full house of men is spying on them, and it just gets him harder. Lane, on the other hand, has no idea they have a voyeur. Derek feasts on Lane’s ass, making lane crazy for cock. Lane rides on top of Derek at first, but it’s not long before Derek turns the tables and dominates Lane. Derek fucks a big load out of Lane and soon blows his own load on Lane’s dick. Basking in the afterglow, Derek and Lane kiss.

While the other boys are playing on the nude beach in Miami, Sean Xavier and CockyBoys Exclusive Tristan Hunter have to work. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy playing together off the clock, though. Sean takes Tristan home for some impassioned making out, sucking, and fucking. When Tristan mounts Sean’s dick, Sean pushes in all the way to the hilt and takes total command of his body, turning him and bending him into all sorts of fun positions. When Tristan unleashes his load, Sean laps it up and shares it with Tristan in a kiss. Tristan sits on Sean’s face, which drives Sean over the edge and makes him cum hard. Now that these two studs have gotten that out of their system, they realize they never even bothered to introduce themselves to each other.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen superstar Andrew Stark in a porno, so it’s a thrill to see him paired up with CockyBoys Exclusive Greyson Myles. Andrew’s having a party and is body painting all the hot guests. Greyson is the first lucky recipient of the paint job, which puts him in a very intimate position with his crush. Andrew doesn’t know it, but Greyson is about to put the moves on him later, in the shower. Under the hot spray of water, Greyson steams things up even further with his oral skills, bringing out Andrew’s dominant side. Andrew pushes Greyson up against the shower wall to eat his ass and fuck him, even lifting him up off the floor. When Andrew lies on the floor, Greyson climbs on top and they get entangled in a tight embrace. Greyson’s active riding produces powerful orgasms for both of them, with lots of spunk.

The final scene features the gorgeous Diego Sans in a threeway with CockyBoys Exclusives Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx, a real-life couple. In this scene, however, Daniel is playing Diego’s boyfriend. Daniel and Diego spice up their sex life with Evan as a go-go boy whom Daniel brings home from a party. Although Daniel has Evan to himself at first, they include Diego in their fun the next morning. Soon, Evan is gagging on Diego’s big dick as Daniel rims and fucks him from behind. Diego wants in on the topping action, and when it’s his turn to pound Evan’s ass, the energy grows into something downright feral. Soon, both Daniel and Evan are submitting to the powerful dom top energy of Diego, who works both of them over at the same time. All three men shoot massive loads and are happy to bask in the post-orgasmic bliss.

“Boys Will Be Boys” from directors Jake Jaxson and Raphael Massicotte is the latest release from Cockyboys. See it now at our adult VOD theater!