Movie Review: Brother Crush 11

Watch Brother Crush 11 on AEBNTales of family bonding from the Bareback Network have proven to be wildly popular these days, and “Brother Crush 11” offers four more explosive raw taboo scenes.

Bar Addison has the hots for his older stepbrother, Wolfie Blue. He’s not sure what to do about that, so his flirting takes the form of teasing and pranks. Today he bombards Wolfie with water balloons, resulting in an obvious boner in big bro’s wet, clingy shorts. Bar decides to get a taste of what’s under the soaked clothes, and proceeds to deep-throat that throbbing member before enjoying a rimming from Wolfie. The stepbrothers take it all the way when Wolfie pushes his big, bare dick inside Bar’s winking hole and fills him with his liquid protein.

Wolfie and Bar later decide to have an arm-wrestling competition in which the loser has to hold the winner’s cock in their mouth for a full minute. You can see exactly where this is going when Wolfie deliberately throws the match. He’s excited to experience the flavor and mouthfeel of Bar’s cock, and then it’s Wolfie’s turn to bottom.

Oliver Starr has been feeling lonely ever since his older stepbrother, Pierce Olson, got a girlfriend and started to blow him off. One day, Oliver gets a “toy” in the mail and invites Pierce to play. Pierce thinks they’re too old to be playing with toys, but he humors his little bro. When he sees that the toy is actually a large dildo, Pierce is happy to join Oliver for some fun. Pierce inserts the dong all the way into Oliver’s hole before deciding that it’s time to give the boy his own real dick, which is what Oliver wanted all along.

Mason Lear joins his younger stepbrother, the deceptively innocent twink Lukas Stone, for a shower that quickly turns dirty. You can tell this isn’t their first time crossing the boundaries of “right” and “wrong” for brothers. After lavishing a rimjob on his younger brother, Mason has Lukas sit on his hard cock and take a ride that is only interrupted when their stepdad knocks on the door!

Sneaking around for taboo bareback sex only enhances the pleasure for these cute, naughty brothers. Watch what they get up to in “Brother Crush 11,” streaming exclusively on AEBN VOD.

Stars:   Wolfie Blue   Bar Addison   Lukas Stone   Pierce Olson   Mason Lear   Oliver Starr
Studio Name:   Bareback Network