Movie Review: Daddy’s Boys

This week, we’re all about “Daddy’s Boys,” the latest Next Door Taboo release. A cast of gorgeous older and younger men make this a feast of eye candy, and the best part is that the passion and lust boil over in every scene.

Trent Summers gets horny while he’s at home with his stepsons. He plays with his dick in the kitchen while the young men play video games on the couch. Soon, he joins the guys there and it’s obvious what’s on his mind. His stepson Roman Todd is fully grown with desires of his own, so he puts on a show of shock but is not so secretly excited. When Roman gets in the shower, his mind is on Trent’s package. He leaves the door open enough to invite his stepdad into the bathroom. Both of their taboo fantasies come to life when Trent joins the young man in the shower to see if his husband’s son is a chip off the old cock… er, block. Trent kneels before Roman to get a good taste of that hard dick. Roman returns the favor, and we get a good POV shot from above as the stepson holds his stepfather’s gaze during the blowjob. In a bedroom, Roman lies on his back and enjoys his stepdaddy’s tongue on his quivering ass. Trent parts Roman’s cheeks and watches his stepson play with his cock. From there, we see alternating POV and side shots as Trent fucks Roman in a variety of positions. The cum flies and the older/younger pair kiss passionately to close this fantastic scene.

Jesse Zeppelin peeps on his cute stepson Will Braun through a door with full-length windows as the boy has some horny private time. Will jerks off and pounds his own ass with a dildo while his stepfather takes out his own cock and begins to masturbate. Soon, Jesse enters the house and offers his big daddy dick to Will. Jesse strips off his underwear and stuffs it into the boy’s face for a moment, and then presents his raging boner for oral. Will gives a mostly hands-free blowjob that we see in POV and to the side. Later, Jesse bends Will over and rims his twink ass before pushing his cock in for a bareback pounding on the couch. As Will rides Jesse’s raw dick, there’s no question that this is even better than what he was dreaming about.

Having fucked Roman earlier, now Trent Summers wants a piece of his other stepson, Johnny B. While he’s in the outdoor hot tub with Johnny, Trent attempts to make a move, but the moment passes. In his room afterward, Johnny can’t stop thinking about having sex with his stepdad. While standing in the middle of the room, Johnny pulls off his shorts and strokes his ever-stiffening cock while pinching his nipples and gripping his balls—showing off his athletic body in a most appealing way. Trent comes into the room and feeds Johnny his hard cock, standing next to the bed so the stepson can gaze up at his stepdad in a POV shot while giving head. When Trent penetrates his other stepson, he finally hits the family trifecta of his husband and both of his husband’s sons. Who’s the best fuck? Judging by the energy you can feel through the screen (and the size of his load at the end), it looks like Trent will enjoy further research on this important subject with each of stepsons later.

To close the movie, we get a competitive bro-on-bro scene between two young gamers, or perhaps we should say gaymers. Sandy-haired twunk Ryan Jordan and his stepbrother, dark-haired twink Tyler Lakes are playing video games and the tensions are high because Tyler simply sucks at the game. Ryan decides to quit, but Tyler escalates the dispute by pulling out the gay porn DVD that he found under Ryan’s bed and threatens to show it to Ryan’s mom unless Ryan fucks him like they do in the movie. This isn’t how Ryan wanted things to go, but he might find his younger bro’s ass to his liking—maybe the twink’s tight ass will feel good enough to make up for his being such a poor teammate. After some kissing, Ryan rolls Tyler onto his back, straddles his chest, and feeds Tyler his cock. Ryan dominates his conniving younger brother, making it a rough and powerful ass drilling, but Tyler loves every minute of the aggressive energy.

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