Movie Review: Dominate My Hole

Watch Dominate My Hole on AEBNNext Door Buddies’ “Dominate My Hole” is a collection of hot threeway scenes in which “straight” and inexperienced guys learn how to top another guy—or how to take a bareback pounding.

Chris Blades is a straight guy whose girlfriend wants to peg him. This is a first for Chris, so he goes to his buddies Justin Matthews and Carter Woods to ask them what he should do. There are some lessons that can only be learned through experience, and Chris is lucky that his best friends are here to teach him what it’s like to have his hole dominated. Chris doesn’t want to be unprepared for a pegging, so he submits to a threesome that will have him thinking about coming back for more whenever he starts to get the itch and needs a pounding he can only get from two gay men! Justin and Carter are two seriously beautiful men and Chris is an ideal muscle bottom.

Anthony Moore has hired Dante Martin and Jamie Steel to clean his house while he’s out. He gets home to find that, instead, they’re making an even bigger mess by fucking each other. Anthony can’t help being turned on and he quickly decides to take these two hot guys to bed. He proceeds to dominate them, and he has particularly hot energy with Jamie. As for the next time he hires someone to help around the house, will Anthony expect this added service, or will he be sure to hire only one cleaner? Right now, the three of them need a new housekeeper to clean up after their jizz-splashing mess!

Carter Woods, Johnny B, and Ryan Jordan are enjoying every last moment of summer while they still can. Fresh from a dip in the swimming pool, they head inside and immediately heat things back up again in the bedroom. Lucky Johnny is on the receiving end of a powerful spit-roasting and lots of cum from both Carter and Ryan.

Dante and Romeo Foxx, a real-life couple of boyfriends, are a pair of new pledges to a fraternity. Justin Matthews is a senior, which means he gets the pick of the fresh meat, and yet he somehow never thought to avail himself of the opportunity at any point during the previous three years of college. It’s not too late for him to experiment with two guys in this last year, though. Romeo and Dante know that they need to make a good impression on their would-be frat brother, so they decide to show Justin a good time, with Romeo luxuriating in the chance to bottom for both Dante and Justin.

“Dominate My Hole” from Next Door Buddies is brand new and exclusive this week.

Stars:   Justin Matthews   Chris Blades   Carter Woods   Romeo Foxx   Dante Foxx   Johnny B.   Anthony Moore   Ryan Jordan
Studio Name:   
Next Door Buddies

Watch Dominate My Hole on AEBNWatch Dominate My Hole on AEBNWatch Dominate My Hole on AEBNWatch Dominate My Hole on AEBN